Make-Up Work

Here is some of my professional make-up work
 Bride. September 2011.

pin-up photoshoot 2010.

private photoshoot. 2009.

2011. Header for Brunswick Square Shopaholic Blog

2011. Brunswick Square Website:

June 2011. Julia Higgins for Brunswick Square Shopaholic blog.

Chop Chop Saint John 2010 promotional material:

Mary Francis, author of Sisterhood of Widows.  Book jacket photo:

Make-Up for Monica Adair's website: the__acre

Smart Eat TV. 2010.

Advertisements for Revolution Strategies. 2010.

That's me doing the make-up and applying "the perfect eyelashes"

Actress/Model Laura Bleasdale

Bride. 2007.

Wedding Party. 2007.

Stephanie Mainville.  Promotional photo.

Publicity shots for Singer/Songwrite Stephanie Mainville

Her album cover! (see, I'm famous)


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