Friday, February 23, 2018

"I was promised there would be baskets!"

I saw this tweet the other day: "I was promised there would be baskets!" and man, how true.  I wish I could find it again so I could give the writer credit here.
It would seem the world is going up in flames and the proverbial hand basket in which it's supposed to take said journey to hell hasn't appeared yet. Yet. Sigh.

What would we do without finding some way to laugh? Whether to ward off tears, get through the tears, or simply in-spite of the tears - I need to find the funny.  I need to see the silver lining. I need to laugh as well as cry.

Twitter is giving my life right now in that department.  So many fierce, sharp-witted people speaking truth to lies and giving inspiration in the mist of tragedies - it seems silly, but it's not.  I will take whatever tiny morsel of joy I can.  I will embrace the sarcastic retort, the ridiculously random observation, the cutting "oh snap" moments.  I will mine for those little pieces of gold because it reminds me that nothing can stamp out total joy, we can always find something to giggle about, and that hope feeds my soul.  Also, I've decided screenshot-ing tweets is my new therapy.  Let me share the love:

Sarcastic Retort 

Ridiculously Random

Oh Snap


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    1. Thanks Deb! The "I feel like he needs a bath, but like, spiritually" comment was referring to James Franco. It was the best description of him I've ever seen


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