Friday, October 2, 2015

New hair cut with a healthy dose of 90s hair nostalgia

I got my hair chopped off today into a chic, inverted bob.  In about a week it will go from chic to funky when I redye my hair purple :)
Thank you to Barb at Hairacy's!  I love the cut and my hair is so much better looking now that all the dead and split ends are gone!

Long live the bathroom selfie!

Long live the wrinkle remover feature on PicMonkey!

While I'm growing my bangs out I need a way to keep them off my face and out of my eyes, especially at work.  
The 90s called and no, they can't have their jeweled hair clip back!

This was my hair earlier this summer...July maybe...

and this is the purple colour I will probably go back to.

Now that I have 'normal' coloured hair I miss the purple, and surprisingly, hubby does too!


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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