Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My First Wedding Crash

Recently I was chatting with a gentleman I know who was excitedly telling me about his daughter's wedding plans.  The more he revealed the more intrigued I was, this was not sounding like your standard church wedding!  So I told him I might have to crash it and he said that I should!  He told me it's a church wedding and everyone's invited to the ceremony....so I convinced hubby we should go as we technically had a sort of invite and we would only be partial crashers.  Hubby is a good sport!

My friend P was also attending (legitimately) so we arranged to meet in the balcony of the church and experience a bird's eye view.

First though, here's what I wore! *insert eye roll here*
Dress: George *coughWalmartcough*, Hair Piece: moi, Clutch: Transit, Shoes: Born

And here's P making her grand entrance
P's dress is a lovely colour-blocked number that she scored on a major sale!
We are all about good deals :)

The wedding was a 1920s theme to P brought out the pearls!  One can never go wrong with pearls.

Okay, now on the actual wedding.

The Anglican church were the service was built in 1789 by the Loyalists and is beyond beautiful.  
I love how the photographer looks like total paparazzi leaning from the balcony! 

Here's another shot of the beautiful arches

See the bride?  She's wearing a gold dress and black t-strap heels!  How fabulous!

I had to share this photo. Not only is the bride the coolest person ever for her fab '20s style (notice gold mesh finger-less gloves!) , look how chic this wedding guest is!  I love her outfit.

This is the bride's mom, and her 2 helpers...they are ringing the church bells right after the ceremony!

It really was a lovely service.  An attendant carried the cross down the isle first, then the Priest made his entrance and took his place. Next the Bride and Groom walked down together!  I thought that was a nice idea - and they looked so excited.  Then the wedding party followed.
After the vows were spoken the Priest, who was actually the Bride's father, said this was his favourite part of the liturgy "you may now greet each other" and of course they kissed and everyone cheered.  

All in all, I'm glad I crashed the wedding and I'm glad hubby obliged and crashed with me.  Also, kudos to P for sitting with the crashers ;)

I might just have to do that again some time! 

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