Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Extra Bounce

My hair has been pin straight my whole life and while I pretty much embrace that, I do get bored.  This would be a bored phase.  Also, as I mentioned before, it's kind of a lazy phase.  Because my hair is so straight and my scalp is so oily, I have to wash it everyday.  And, that means I have to blow it dry and style it everyday so it doesn't just hang lifelessly around my face.
I want something lower maintenance.  Also, I've been curling my hair more often and it's just not practical.
So, I've decided to go back to the perm, that faithful curl that does not require 40 minutes with a curling iron and doesn't fall and droop with all the maritime fog.  Oh perm, we are reunited at last!

Cathy at Hairacy's uptown did it for me.  She did my last perm too.  I trust her, she's a lady who knows her stuff!
Here's a pic of me in her chair with my newly curly hair.  It's still wet and she's trimming some of my layers to accentuate the curls.

She dried it a little bit with a diffuser and sent me on my merry way
Here's my hair about an hour later:
I really like how natural the curls look.

Details:  It was an acid perm, not ammonia, so it would be gentler on my hair.  Also, she used 3 different sizes of perm rods to give that 'natural but better look' as she called it.

Do you get bored with your hair? Do you change it seasonally?  


  1. Your hair looks pretty! I try and change it up a little every month but kind of always have layered long hair.

    xo Mary JO

    1. Long and Layered is a classic look. That's how my hubby prefers my hair. Someday I'll oblige him again :)

  2. bin pin? I love your new hair!

    1. "Been pin straight". Thanks for the typo notice :)


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