Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hair News and a Party!

I've decided to get a perm again.  I love the look of big, soft curls.  Also, I love that with a perm in my hair I can go from washing my hair everyday to every 3 days!  I'll admit it: I am lazy.  I'd rather spend time sleeping in than doing my hair in the morning.

Here is (pretty much) my current hair; my bangs are longer and side swept now:

This is the inspiration that I'm taking to the hairdresser on Thursday:
I'm going for a bigger curl than my last perm, more of a bouncy wave.
I'm trusting this can be accomplished, my hairdresser seems pretty confident!

I will report back with after pictures!

Tonight I'm off to a hat and handbag party!  I'm wearing the hat I tweaked from Etsy, seen in this post and the dress I wore when I met the Duchess of Cornwall.  Can you believe I forgot to bring my matching handbag? Oh well, such is life I suppose.


  1. I hope it comes out just as you want it. Can't wait to see it!

  2. Are you keeping secrets from your mama??!!!


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