Friday, April 12, 2013

Photoshoots...whirlwind week

This week I have been participating in a series of photoshoots for a creative event call #SaintJohnCut.  This is #SaintJohnCut4 and the first one I have been a part of.
This year it's a week long challenge of sorts: teams of photographers, models, makeup artists, hairstylists, retailers and helping hands are all working to come up with photo submissions for 3 themes.  The themes are the same for every group and they are #Real, #Grit, and #Drive.

I've been a busy bee this week as I've been involved on 4 teams!  Here is some of the behind the scenes photos and videos so far.  

This video was created by hairstylist Adam Donnelly.
It features model Apryll Stansfield and photographer Glen MacLean. Clothing & shoes featured were from Collwells.

Here are some great shots from that team:

Me at work giving Apryll some finishing touches.
Don't you just love her hair?
Thanks to Glen MacLean for this picture

Here I'm touching up Apryll's lips and that's our photographer Glen MacLean setting up the shot. Thanks to Adam for getting this behind the scenes look!

Here is Adam tweaking Apryll's hair before heading out to the shoot location.

Thanks to Glen MacLean for this picture

This is the last look from the photoshoot.
I absolutely love this!

Thanks to Glen MacLean for this picture

Here is a video I created on location with another #SaintJohnCut4 team. Photographer Mike Capson, Models Maryanne Delaney & Jon Quinn, photography assistant Brandon Sabean. Our helper was Fran Menton, our clothing & shoes came from Exchange on Germain and our location was Harbourfront Residence. Hair by Element 5 and makeup by yours truly.

ps. I love this little video app thingy: Magisto !

The following behind the scenes photos are from Mike's website

Me & Jon on location.  See? Men can wear makeup too!

Hot Tip: a lesson in lighting. Obviously the model is the subject so the light is on her and she looks bright and soft and flawless.  I'm in the shadow and look at my harsh mouth line and weird cheeks!  In the second shot I'm in the exact same place but the camera angle is different and I look way better!  Photographers are magic, be nice to them!

Here's me texting and emailing with my 3 other teams while Maryanne & I wait for the clothing to arrive. This might be the nicest my hair has ever looked in a photograph

Also, Isn't this room to die for?! It wasn't even staged for the shoot.

I'll keep you posted, I'm sure there are many more photos to come...


  1. Wow! You're famous. You have the coolest job ever. So fun.

    And, your hair does look fabulous! Love that living room you're sitting in.

  2. You ARE famous! Soon you'll be doing makeup for someone famous other than me.

  3. oh it's all just so glamorous! *insert eye roll*
    It is a lot a fun, even if it is tiring

  4. Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a fun job you have! It must be great to be surrounded by so much creativity. Blessings!

    1. Hi Esther,
      thanks for taking the time to comment! It is a fun job for sure :)

  5. Maybe it's tiring, but that last photo makes you look like a famous person for sure! Can I have your autograph now before you forget who we common folk are? ;-)

    Thanks for linking up to Saturday Night Stars!

    1. lol, you can totally have my autograph. I'll do you makeup and then sign the picture :)
      someday we WILL meet!


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