Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to wear Colour when you're wearing all black...

It's Easter weekend!
Wearing all black at work on holidays can be a downer sometimes so I choose to be colourful with fun accessories.

 Today I wore a vintage broach in my hair.  It's a Scottish Thistle so it has both green and purple.

My chandelier earrings have lots of 'Eastery' colours in them.

My cross pendant has beautiful purple stones...they are not an amethysts...I need to check with my dad and ask him again.  This was a gift from him for my birthday this year. 

And of course, a girl's best accessory, nail polish!  I gave myself an Easter Egg Mani.  I know it's tacky and 'childish' even, but I don't mind being tacky for the sake of fun.  It makes me smile.

Happy (colourful) Easter Everyone!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

perfume...a schpeal and a how to

Apparently today is National Fragrance Day. Who knew?

So, at work I made this little video which includes a few tips on how apply your fragrance.



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