Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Layering with Deb {The Fashionista}

Dressing during winter in Canada is a retailer's dream...we have to dress in layers, it's not just a fashion statement, it's essential for survival!

I was inspired by my mum's layering skills this past Sunday.  Not only did she look great, but she also pulled off that mid-calf boot with dresses trend that I just cannot do.

Here's her response to "do a fashion blogger pose".
I'd say she's got it down!

She was not impressed I stopped her after church in the foyer for this mini photo shoot, but how could I not?

Outfit deets:  Long Sleeve Shirt - Tabi
Dress - Faded Glory [gift - you know who you are lovely lady!]
Silk [polka dot] Scarf - Mono Prix, PARIS!
peaking out of the bottom corner of the first picture is her Fossil purse [gift - I know who I am ;) ]
She did not give me the deets on her opaque tights/leggings....I guess some information must be held sacred.

Do you layer for Fashion or for Survival?
What are your tips or favourite layering items?


  1. Ah, I love it! Your mum is looking fashionista fabulous!! She definitely has the layered look down pat. Gorgeous.

    I layer for survival too. It's a must!

  2. I'm pretty sure I said the Walmarts for the tights.

    p.s.I'm so embarrassed

  3. haha. deb you look fabo! you need to include these over at lc.

    i'm gonna go put a sweater on now. and some boots. and maybe a scarf too.

  4. Can I use your photographs in an upcoming fashion post? I'll credit you.

  5. Great to see the lovely Deb in her Church finery! But the best thing is the smile - and that Parisian scarf!

  6. Looking smokin' Lady! Love the haircut too! xo

  7. So...that is why you're blogging less. You took up modeling. Move over Gisele Bundchen or whatever your name is. There's Deb from LC now.

  8. Great pics - stay warm! Elle


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