Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Layering with Deb {The Fashionista}

Dressing during winter in Canada is a retailer's dream...we have to dress in layers, it's not just a fashion statement, it's essential for survival!

I was inspired by my mum's layering skills this past Sunday.  Not only did she look great, but she also pulled off that mid-calf boot with dresses trend that I just cannot do.

Here's her response to "do a fashion blogger pose".
I'd say she's got it down!

She was not impressed I stopped her after church in the foyer for this mini photo shoot, but how could I not?

Outfit deets:  Long Sleeve Shirt - Tabi
Dress - Faded Glory [gift - you know who you are lovely lady!]
Silk [polka dot] Scarf - Mono Prix, PARIS!
peaking out of the bottom corner of the first picture is her Fossil purse [gift - I know who I am ;) ]
She did not give me the deets on her opaque tights/leggings....I guess some information must be held sacred.

Do you layer for Fashion or for Survival?
What are your tips or favourite layering items?


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