Friday, June 29, 2012

cute storage box tutorial

Hi Peeps!
It's been a while I know.  I keep taking pictures and have blog posts in my head, but never seem to have the time to actually upload pictures or write...alas.

This DIY project I came up with a few weeks ago.  My dogs both had to have some major dental work done so they could only eat soft food for two weeks. 

The previous owner had fed them Beneful brand wet food, so we decided to continue with that until we could switch them back to a dry food.

By the end of the two weeks I had 3 Beneful boxes and thought they were a perfect size for a small storage box....
I started by cutting off the top flaps.

 Then I went through old magazines and found a pages I thought we pretty.
Applied stick glue to the box, pressed on the magazine page, and then cut out around the handle.

Here are the 3 boxes done in a jewelry motif.
I would seal the  magazine pages on with a clear decoupage sealant or varnish.

I did the ends in a totally different look and will do the sides in different shades again so that I can have different looks depending on how I place them.

Here is the jewelry end on display in the bookcase.

This is a super fun and very easy DIY project, I think it would be great for a kid's room.

hot tip: save the plastic dog food containers that the food actually is packaged in and wash them.  They stack perfectly inside the box and are clear.  Great for storing little craft or hair doo-dads.


  1. Well aren't you a crafty smarty pantz! They look cute.

  2. The boxes look fab, great idea!

  3. Great idea! I have a shoe box I'd like to do this with.


  4. Recycling and reusing the boxes is very good.

    Very artistic and creative:)


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