Saturday, June 9, 2012

Christmas in June?

Tiffy and Carlie received their first ever present in the mail yesterday!
FringeGirl found them some holiday outfits for them while yard saleing and couldn't resist. 
I tore the package open and just giggled.  
The girls even got a bath and a mini haircut last night before trying on their new outfits.

 Carlie got her bath first, so she is almost dry for this picture, poor Tiffy on the other hand kind of looks like a half-drowned Yoda!

Here are the Christmas clothes:
I did get the little Santa hat on Carlie, but I couldn't get a good picture of her before I felt bad and took it off...I don't think the elastic holding it on was very comfortable, but bless her heart she didn't squirm one bit!

*So, on behalf of Carlie and Tiffy (and FringeGirl):  
Merry Christmas in June!

*if it snows blame them, not me


  1. Cute clothes! How thoughtful of your friend.
    I still need to go through my dog clothes and see if I can send some your way.
    Loving the pup photos. Aren't they a joy?

  2. Isn't that sweet!!! I think it's cool enough to wear the outfits now.

  3. Please, PLEASE no snow!

    I'm glad they fit. I knew the hat wasn't work, but it came with one of the outfits, so...

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh well everyday it's Christmas if you just believe!! Look at them! Half drowned yoda is super sweet.


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