Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Touched by Royalty

This past Monday, May 21st Canadians celebrated Victoria Day, so named after Queen Victoria.  Canadians are part of the commonwealth and so Queen Elizabeth II of England is our Queen too. 2012 marks her 60th year on the throne,  her Diamond Jubilee!

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As part of special Diamond Jubilee celebrations her son, Prince Charles, and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, came to Canada - touring 3 cities - and my city is where they visited and celebrated Victoria Day!

So, my gal pal P & I could not let this occasion pass us by.  We thought even if we can't catch a glimpse of them we can at least be part of the festivities and say we were there. 

Here we are, ready to head out and greet their Royal Highnesses.

This Bobby was patrolling our area of the street, keeping us all in line...and stopping for people to take pictures of him :)

There is Prince Charles shaking hands with the crowd.  He walked down the opposite side of the street that P &  I were on and Camilla walked down our side. Look at the face of the little girl, bottom left, in the white dress.  Love the expression on her face!

Here is Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.  She's talking to a little girl right beside me.
Next, she shook my hand!
She moved on to quickly for P to get a picture of  the handshake, but here she is shaking the hand of the next lady beside me, lol.

Now, can we take pause here and note the lack of hat or headpiece?  I have to say I was a little disappointed. Here she is earlier in the day at another Victoria Day function:
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P even put a hat on part way through the day due to all the sun! 
She's wearing one that I decorated and I made a fascinator just for this event.

Sneaking pictures through the gate...invite only area..psha!

a gentleman walking by noted how dressed up we were so he asked if we would like diamond jubilee pins.

Here they are during part of the festivities, being formally welcomed by our Premier.

Royal Flag on their car.  Woman driver might I add.

Farewell my Prince, lol!

All in all a very fun and exciting day!!


  1. My Price? You're TOO funny.

  2. That's awesome, I went to see them today! Unfortunately I didn't get there early enough to get close enough in the crowd, I only caught a glimpse of Charles before he got in the car and got some snaps from far away. Will post mine soon but your photos are great! That is pretty cool you got to see them up close and shake Camilla's hand.

    1. Sorry you didn't get up close and personal. Frankly I was surprised by the lack of crowd when we showed up - good timing I guess. Was fun just to be a part of it all, eh?

  3. Great pics! Great post! You were so close! How exciting! And, nice {ahem} sandals too! ;)

    1. what else would I wear on my feet to meet royalty?! :)

  4. I bet you two ladies were the best dressed there. You looked beautiful. How fun and exciting!!! Glad you got to go.

    1. Thanks FringeGirl, it was a lot of fun!

  5. Ha, I thought about you every time I heard the news on the radio!! i knew you were going to do something special for the occasion!! Nice dress!!


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