Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Planner - I'm in Heaven

A close friend of mine is getting married this August!
I've known her since elementary school and I'm over the moon for her!

Last weekend I went with her and her family while she tried on wedding dresses.  It was so much fun.  I'd never gone with a friend to choose a dress before.  I think it was the 4th dress she tried that we all fell in love with!  I can't post a picture so her man doesn't stumble upon them!  Wedding dresses are top secret don't you know!

She has asked me to be her unofficial wedding planner and of course I'm all over it!   
She loves pansies so we're thinking of delicate little centerpieces of floating pansy blossoms

Her colours are dark, rich purple and white. 

I love the different heights of this arrangement

I wonder if the groom would wear feathers?

Helping her plan her wedding just makes me want to get married all over again!

I asked hubby if we could renew our vows on our 5th anniversary (this September) and he said no.
I really can't blame him - he knows I just want to wear a pretty dress and go somewhere warm

Next week the bride and I are going shopping for wedding shoes and jewelry! 

I'm in Heaven


  1. I'm in heaven too that it's not your wedding!

  2. You'll be a great wedding planner! Love the pansies and the color. I don't necessarily want to renew my vows. I just want another bridal shower. After almost 15 years, I need another one! ;-)


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