Sunday, April 15, 2012

peek-a-boo skulls

It's not that I'm pro-skull or anti-skull in fashion...
I suppose I'm skull neutral...while finding them kind of interesting...

Take this scarf for instance:
I think it's pretty, almost dainty, with it's blue and purple flowers.

You'd never expect that hiding in those folds is a giant skull,
with even more little skulls scattered throughout.

 But, fold it and wrap a stretchy, pearl, dollar store bracelet around it and you'd never know.

I actually wore my skull scarf to church today!
skirt: mexx, thrifted
t-shirt: joe fresh
cardigan: Active
scarf: Fraas, gift

Friday afternoon I was in one of my favourite stores chatting with the owner about a promotion going on where I work and I noticed this scarf on the bottom shelf of a display. "Are those skulls?" I asked.  Now, this store is what most people would consider an 'old lady store'.  Most of her clients are more mature, but I always find lovely, classic pieces there!  I digress. 
Skull motifs are not something I'd expect to find in this shop. 
What do you think...would you wear skulls?

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  1. Your look is beautiful...the scarf is fun..but over 50 is YOUNG LADY..not old!!!!!

    1. you are very right Pam! I don't consider 50 old at all! I was trying more to convey that 50s would be where her clientele starts. Glad you commented!

  2. I love this look too, and agree with Pam - "old" is always going to be 20 years older than me : > Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday!

  3. Yes, i agree with both Pam and Patti! I so enjoy your scarf...what a surprising juxtaposition of subject, coloration and design! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You look fabulous and so very pretty! You put me in mind for summer--and if I get a white skirt, YOU will be the reason!

    1. thanks! It was so nice to finally have some summery weather.

  5. I love skulls! I never wear them, I wear very simple clothes, but I like to see them on another people. I have a friend who's very much into the pirate's theme, she wears skulls everywhere! Agree with over fifty comments and on you buying things there. sometimes classic style is best.

    And I adore that fireplace behind you in the pic.

    1. your pirate friend sounds cool!
      The fireplace is in the house that my husband grew up in. A friend of his parents is a stone mason and he built it from the stones found on the site where the house is built.


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