Monday, April 2, 2012

netflix: a love affair

This past week two eventful things happened - hubby had to go away for work and then I got the flu (it's no fair when your sick AND alone!).  These 2 events led me to fall in love with my netflix account all over again.  Nothing passes the time like a good movie.  I started by looking at the movies it suggested for me and gave them a whirl!
Bottle Shock. 2008

This is a great film (set in 1976) based on the true story of how Napa Valley wines came to be world famous and break the "French wines are the only good wines" rule.  Plus, Alan Rickman is in it - need I say more?

Fitzwilly. 1967

This delightful little romp is everything you want from a Dick Van Dyke movie (except I, personally, could have stood for a musical number or two)  He is the head butler for an eccentric older woman who thinks she's incredibly wealthy, but didn't actually inherit a penny when her father died years ago.  Fitzwilliam heads an elaborate team of good hearted con-men who scheme to keep Miss Vicky in the lifestyle to which she's accustomed.  Of course a feisty young woman enters the scene and threatens everything.

Then on to  Bill Cunningham New York. 2010

A documentary about noted fashion (and street fashion) photographer Bill Cunningham.
I was struck by what a humble life he lives  - for a man that photographs celebrities and fashion shows and has two columns in the New York Times.  

The Honey Pot. 1967

This was the first let-down of the bunch.  While I love Rex Harrison and was mesmerized by seeing such a young Maggie Smith it really was painfully slow moving.  I skipped along a few scenes at a time and the ending was actually good, but I just couldn't (and wouldn't recommend) watching it fully from beginning to end.  Sorry Rex.

Pajama Party. 1964

this is the goofiest, cheesiest '60s' movie ever!
It's all about teenagers, most of them look like they are in their 30s, and a martin that comes from Mars to prepare for an invasion.  Oh, and there's a big pajama party, oh, and it's a musical, oh, and the characters have names like 'Go-Go' and 'Big Lunk'.  
Watching this under the influence of cold and flu medication is advised.

what movies do you like when you're sick and alone?
any favourites you'd recommend?

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  1. Don't ever knock Annette Funicello movies!

    1. I didn't knock it, cheesy and ridiculous is just an apt description.
      I loved all the clothes and hairstyles :)

  2. I'm adding these to my instant que! Hope you're feeling better.

    1. I'm feeling a lot better, thanks! I hope you enjoy them!

  3. Bottle Shock looks like a hoot! I must, must see that. Thank you, Laura!

    1. I don't think you'll be disappointed...let me know!


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