Thursday, March 15, 2012

Laura's Series of Unfortunate Events + An Epic Fail

Do you ever have those "Oooh! I'm an idiot!" moments?

In the past 2 weeks I've had several.

The first is when hubby & I submitted our tax filing stuff to our accountant... I forgot almost $700 in medical expenses and a charitable donation receipt for $50....I remembered them a few days later so we called him and dropped them off.  Crisis averted.  No joke, the next day I decided to re-organize our financial documents so this wouldn't happen again and lo and behold, don't I find a dental receipt for for over $300!!  I guess we'll have to see about adding it in next year.

Next, remember not to long ago I bought new shoes?  I wear them to work often and with this winter weather I've just been leaving them at work while coming and going in my winter boots.  The other day I decided to bring them home, along with a few other personal items so I just put everything in a generic plastic bag.  

Fast forward to 2 days later and I'm rushing to get to work, running late and I can't find my shoes!  I go to put on my flats instead but there are no footbeds in them as I've ripped them out to make room for my orthotic insoles....and I can't find the insoles because they are in my missing shoes!  Fast forward another 2 days and I still can't find my shoes!  Can you guess where I found them? No, of course not.  Because there is no logical way to figure out where I put these shoes...normal people do not do things like this! 

 I found them in the garbage!  In a cleaning spurt I grabbed what I thought where a few bags of garbage hubby brought in from the car and threw them in a big garbage bag!   How did I discover this?  I kept walking by the garbage bag and noticing it, like really noticing it.  I thought to it possible?  When I opened the garbage bag there was the bag the shoes were in right on top!  In the little bag with the shoes was a crumpled McDonald's bag containing half a muffin (from the day I brought home the shoes).  I must have seen the crumpled bag and thought the whole bag contained garbage!

And now, my epic fail.  As you may have read a few weeks ago I was under the weather. In my congested misery I took the advice of a friend and bought a saline and aloe spray to help clear my nasal passages.  It did help a little.
Yesterday I was feeling a little stuffy and thought "Hey, I should use that spray again".  
Insert Epic Fail Here. 
I think I re-infected myself with the stupid cold!!!
This morning I was tired and stuffy, my eyes watered and my nose was congested and I was sneezing more than usual.  I am often stuff in the morning and put if off to allergies or the wood stove being too 3pm at work I was miserable!  My face is in that perma-squint of about to sneeze, my eyes keep running like I'm crying, I'm multi-sneezing, my nose is running....I'm a mess.


So, make me feel any "I'm an Idiot"  or "Epic Fail" stories?
Please share.


  1. I threw away part of my daughter's homework and consequently she got a 50%. That's a really big epic fail. Thankfully she's only in the 4th grade and honestly, no one cares how you did in the 4th grade anyway.

    I do hope you feel better. Thank God you checked the garbage! It would have been terrible to lose the shoes, but probably worse to lose those inserts you wear.

    1. listening to the song right now. good call! It's making me smile

  2. Here's the moral of the story....don't clean your house!!! You probably know my epic fails better than I do!


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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