Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cheating. A Lazy Gal's How-To.

confession time:  I cheat.  
Not as in on tests, or as an infidelity - nothing like that - I just cheat when I do my hair sometimes.

Like this morning.  I decided that sleeping in a little longer was more important than a shower, but I knew my hair needed a I cheated.

I put my hair in a ponytail, leaving out my bangs and a few wisps of hair just around my hair line.
See my fabulous diagram below:
reenactment photo, this was not taken this me, you don't want to see that
Next, wash your bangs (and wisps) in the sink - bathroom or kitchen - whichever is more comfortable to lean over in.
I lather, rinse, and repeat.  No conditioner so my bangs don't feel greasy. 
Then you just have to blow dry your bangs and a few face framing strands which only takes a matter of minutes
Your hair instantly looks clean and fresh.
You can keep your hair pulled back into a ponytail, a messy bun, or as I did this morning, 
excuse the blurriness
Then I added quick, simple Lazy Gal's Makeup and a bright scarf.  There is nothing that perks you up quicker than a flattering colour at your face!

And that, my friends, is how to cheat the morning rush, savour a few extra minutes of sleep, skip the shower, and still look clean and fresh!
You're welcome.


  1. You look fresh as a daisy! I often only wash my bangs in the shower - just clip the rest of my hair back, wash, then blow dry. Not only does it save time but it makes the rest of my hair less dry and saves my color.

    1. Good thinking! I don't (currently) colour my hair, but that's a great idea for when I do.

  2. I like the cheating! You look great.

    My hair is extremely dry, so I can squeak a few days out of my hair without washing it. I just conquered the messy bun. This is an accomplishment for me. Maybe I'll have to try that sock bun next. I don't think my hair is long enough though. I've been tutorials on youtube, so I can learn to do my daughter's hair better.

  3. I have medium shot hair! I can't cheat with a bun! But I confess that I used to do that a lot when I had long hair. But I could NEVER skip shower...I love it more than sleep.


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