Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Fashion Shout Outs!

So, I have a confession to make....I didn't actually watch the Oscars last night....
I feel oddly guilty about that.  I've watched the Oscars every years since middle school...I've attended Oscar parties and even dressed up just to watch it at home, but last night I HAD to finish watching season 3 of Eureka on Netflix.  I couldn't tear myself away!  I watched the episodes back to back to back on my laptop while the red carpet was muted on the tv.
During my glimpses to the tv screen I saw some moments that I want to look up on youtube and I saw some dresses I wished I hadn't, but this post is going to completely congratulatory.  I'm sure everyone on that red carpet chose what made him or her feel fabulous so who am I to disagree?

Honourable Mention goes to Meryl Streep for wearing a gown by Lanvin that was created from ethically sourced fabric as part of the Green Carpet Challenge.

Fabulous Use of Polka Dots goes to Natalie Portman in this vintage Dior number.  Psst, couture fashion houses, I will wear your cosmetics for fashion magazine adds and wear your gorgeous gowns to events...and I'm sure my daily rate is much lower than your typical a-list celeb...just sayin'...

Best Use of Cape Without Looking Like a Super Hero Wannabe goes, of course, to Gwenyth Paltrow in that white Tom Ford creation.  I heard a fashion critic call her a 'sexy storm trooper' as a compliment!  I think she looked fabulous; it really made a statement and took guts to do. Also, that diamond cuff killed it!

Classic Elegance Personified I give to Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji.  Doesn't she just look like a lady who has an Oscar? I could also see this being a beautiful wedding gown!

Yay to Jason Segel for getting nominated for an Oscar for co-writing The Muppets!

Teen Crush Flashback Moment to Tom Cruise for looking charming and dashing and like 1997 Tom Cruise again! swoony sigh.
I know I had this issue as soon as it hit news stands back in '97...before he went all couch jumping crazy Tom was my main Hollywood Crush.

PS. where was Angelina last night?  I saw Brad with a black dress and a perfectly sculpted leg at one point...


  1. I did watch the oscars. I fell asleep with the tv on and when I woke up it was just about to begin so...
    Gwyneth was my favorite, but i didn't like her hair. That low ponytail was flattering.

  2. Angelina was there, looking as sour as ever! I loved Tina Fey's dress!!

  3. I bet the polka dot is your favourite.

  4. I like the polka dot.

    I left you a little award. Congrats.


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