Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Makeup for Sale!

All makeup has been sold.  Thanks everyone!

Hey Peeps!
A friend of mine asked me the other day if I had any extra makeup that I'd be willing to sell.  I have amassed quite a bit of product over my years of being a makeup artist and some of it not even used!  So, I gave my friend first dibs and thought you ladies might like to pick through the makeup bag too!

left to right M.A.C. Eyeshadows: 
Floral Fantasy (satin) SOLD
Jeweltone (velvet)  
Fab & Flashy (frost) 
Firespot (velux pearl) 
all barely used. $4.00 each
*please specify which colour in your email.

left to right M.A.C. Pigments (all full):
Pastorale, Copperclast, Soft Washed-SOLD, Violet - SOLD
$8.00 each 
  *please specify which colour in your email.

CHANEL Eyeshadow #74 Bois Bleu - discontinued colour.  Sightly used, CC logo still visible. A new unused applicator provided.

M.A.C. pre-made eyeshadow quad "Colour Scheme 3"
includes Semi-Tone Greige, Excitable Yellow, Sublimed Green, Shaded Mint. $12.00, slightly used.


M.A.C. mineralized skinfinish "Gold Spill". Unused.
$8.00 SOLD
 outer case is a little scratched/cloudy.

M.A.C. beauty powder, limited edition Barbie collection in "Pearl Sunshine" $10.00

CHANEL Rouge Coco lipstick in 18 "Rouge Noir".  New & unused.

I will ship next business day, $5.00 flat rate to Canada & US.  I am happy to combine shipping for more than 1 item.
Remember when buying eyeshadows or pigments please add a note to seller in paypal specifying which colour you want!

Please email me : so I can send you a paypal invoice
Also, tell your friends!


  1. Replies
    1. Spread the word humming bird!
      Also, as my mum, you qualify for free shipping ;)

    2. I put it up on my blog. Must do my Christmas shopping. What would you like?

  2. I shared this on facebook. It's a great idea to sell off some of your stock. I'll be back in a few days to see if you have anything left. Sorry I can't buy anything at this moment.

  3. Laura, would the Chanel Flirt look good on me?
    We can talk tonight if you're at work!

  4. I definitely want the "flirt" colour. Can yu bring it to work and I'll make the trade there?

    1. sounds good! I can't believe you're not all over the Alexander McQueen highlighting powder?!

  5. Ok, Laura. I'm interested in that violet pigment. How do I use it?

  6. If I buy something could you come over and do my make up? Because I have tons too, but I never use it because I'm lazy.

    1. If you buy my ticket I'll give you all that makeup and apply it for free for a year!

    2. something incredible happened today: I'm wearing make up that is actually more then jus a little blush and mascara!

    3. Am I starting to rub off on you ?! :)

  7. Hi,is the Alexander McQueen msf still available? I'm trying to buy on my iPad and it won't let me,can you mssge me a inoice if so. My email is,Ty. Xoxo

    1. Hey! Just responded to your email Vanessa! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  8. Hi! Is anything left for sale? And do u ship to toronto? Thanks! I just sent u an email :)


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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