Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feeling Like Myself Again

It's odd sometimes to step back and see how one identifies oneself.  Over the past year I've realized how much my fashion choices played a part in how I see myself and my confidence. Specifically my shoes.  When I was confined to orthopedic insoles I really struggled.  I was so used to wearing heels and using shoes as a form of self expression that being confined day in and day out to black flats or beat up sneakers made me feel like I wasn't myself.  A lot of my confidence came from my appearance.  At work part of the 'dress code' is to have hair done, full makeup, and be wearing stylish, classic clothing - to be stuck in flat shoes just made me feel short and dumpy.
Well, I'm happy to say that I've learned not to rely so much on my exterior for confidence but I'm even more happy to say that I found a pair of heels that I can wear all day at work and don't hurt my feet!  I don't know what it is, but there IS something about standing tall in a pair of heels.
I recently bought these Clarks mary janes on sale in Ottawa when I was there for work.  I bought them in black (of course).  I know they are not 'sexy' shoes, no stilettos, no sleek pointy toes, but by golly they are comfortable and give me a little hight - as well as a little bounce in my step.  I think they are the perfect casual shoe for me.  I will mostly wear them with pants because I think ankle straps make my little legs look shorter, but the other day I wore them with a black dress and black tights and they looked great!  

I used to wear platform mary janes all the time in high school and university.  They were my go-to shoe.  You'd never catch me in sneakers, always mary janes.  I guess this is the gown up version.  I still have to wear my insoles, but my feet have improved over the last year.  I know I can't go back to 'cheap' shoes....I miss getting a pair on sale at Wal-mart or payless for $10  but as soon as I put my foot in shoes like that I just cringe.  I can feel the stiffness, the lack of support and total disregard of craftsmanship.  With shoes I have to subscribe to the quality over quantity...I think that's better for my feet in the long run.

I'm glad mary janes & I are reacquainted.  

What's your go-to shoe?
What items in your closet give you confidence? 
do tell!


  1. I love Mary Jane style shoes.

    The big thing in shoes here, I think, for some people anyway, are Saltwater sandals. They're pretty cool. I'm thinking of investing in a pair. They're casual though.

    I'm also a fan of the cardigan.

  2. They look great! I'm glad you found a pair of shoes that doesn't kill your feet. When you stand all day, like you do, you really need something comfortable. I wore a pair of hand-me-down heels to church yesterday and I couldn't wait to get home and take them off. They just weren't wide enough for my toes. Although i like them, I'll probably pass them on to someone with narrower feet. I have a pair of red mary janes by Kloggs. That's usually what I wear everyday, except mine are flat and have no back. They are super-comfortable.

  3. I'm a boot girl. I love high heels, but only on special occasions. I have to wear soles too, but that's not the reason I love boots more...It's that I always have cold feet. So I always wear a pair of super thick and colorful socks (no tights, please!!) . They don't call me Pippi long stockings for nothing.


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