Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Fashion Shout Outs!

So, I have a confession to make....I didn't actually watch the Oscars last night....
I feel oddly guilty about that.  I've watched the Oscars every years since middle school...I've attended Oscar parties and even dressed up just to watch it at home, but last night I HAD to finish watching season 3 of Eureka on Netflix.  I couldn't tear myself away!  I watched the episodes back to back to back on my laptop while the red carpet was muted on the tv.
During my glimpses to the tv screen I saw some moments that I want to look up on youtube and I saw some dresses I wished I hadn't, but this post is going to completely congratulatory.  I'm sure everyone on that red carpet chose what made him or her feel fabulous so who am I to disagree?

Honourable Mention goes to Meryl Streep for wearing a gown by Lanvin that was created from ethically sourced fabric as part of the Green Carpet Challenge.

Fabulous Use of Polka Dots goes to Natalie Portman in this vintage Dior number.  Psst, couture fashion houses, I will wear your cosmetics for fashion magazine adds and wear your gorgeous gowns to events...and I'm sure my daily rate is much lower than your typical a-list celeb...just sayin'...

Best Use of Cape Without Looking Like a Super Hero Wannabe goes, of course, to Gwenyth Paltrow in that white Tom Ford creation.  I heard a fashion critic call her a 'sexy storm trooper' as a compliment!  I think she looked fabulous; it really made a statement and took guts to do. Also, that diamond cuff killed it!

Classic Elegance Personified I give to Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji.  Doesn't she just look like a lady who has an Oscar? I could also see this being a beautiful wedding gown!

Yay to Jason Segel for getting nominated for an Oscar for co-writing The Muppets!

Teen Crush Flashback Moment to Tom Cruise for looking charming and dashing and like 1997 Tom Cruise again! swoony sigh.
I know I had this issue as soon as it hit news stands back in '97...before he went all couch jumping crazy Tom was my main Hollywood Crush.

PS. where was Angelina last night?  I saw Brad with a black dress and a perfectly sculpted leg at one point...

Monday, February 20, 2012

things that cheer me up

I'm feeling a little under the weather.  My throat hurts when I swallow as do my ears...ugh.
So, I'm going to focus on fun things.

For instance, did you know this existed?!:
Jelly Belly scented nail polish! 
Saw this on the shelf of a local drugstore.  Who knew?!

Now on to this happy little creature:
The Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen
I discovered this breed while watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Temperament and Breeding

PBGVs are extroverted, friendly, and independent hounds. Sometimes called the "happy breed," PBGVs have tirelessly wagging tails and expressive, intelligent eyes. PBGVs are typically active and lively.  The PBGV standard states that the dog should "give voice freely" -- as is typical of hounds, petits are outspoken dogs. If their 'pack' begins howling or singing, the dog will join in, with amusing results. PBGVs may howl alone or with a companion; they may howl to music, for fun, or in protest at being left alone. PBGV companions report that sleeping dogs have been known to awaken and howl along with favorite songs.
Because they are so extroverted, friendly, and happy, PBGVs make excellent therapy dogs.

Do you know what else makes me happy?
Food. Specifally, good food with friends.
Friends of ours invited hubby and me over for Toblerone fondue last week!

Speaking of good food with friends...
another friend and me this past weekend at my favourite all day breakfast spot!

There, I'm feeling better all already...and hungry 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Makeup for Sale!

All makeup has been sold.  Thanks everyone!

Hey Peeps!
A friend of mine asked me the other day if I had any extra makeup that I'd be willing to sell.  I have amassed quite a bit of product over my years of being a makeup artist and some of it not even used!  So, I gave my friend first dibs and thought you ladies might like to pick through the makeup bag too!

left to right M.A.C. Eyeshadows: 
Floral Fantasy (satin) SOLD
Jeweltone (velvet)  
Fab & Flashy (frost) 
Firespot (velux pearl) 
all barely used. $4.00 each
*please specify which colour in your email.

left to right M.A.C. Pigments (all full):
Pastorale, Copperclast, Soft Washed-SOLD, Violet - SOLD
$8.00 each 
  *please specify which colour in your email.

CHANEL Eyeshadow #74 Bois Bleu - discontinued colour.  Sightly used, CC logo still visible. A new unused applicator provided.

M.A.C. pre-made eyeshadow quad "Colour Scheme 3"
includes Semi-Tone Greige, Excitable Yellow, Sublimed Green, Shaded Mint. $12.00, slightly used.


M.A.C. mineralized skinfinish "Gold Spill". Unused.
$8.00 SOLD
 outer case is a little scratched/cloudy.

M.A.C. beauty powder, limited edition Barbie collection in "Pearl Sunshine" $10.00

CHANEL Rouge Coco lipstick in 18 "Rouge Noir".  New & unused.

I will ship next business day, $5.00 flat rate to Canada & US.  I am happy to combine shipping for more than 1 item.
Remember when buying eyeshadows or pigments please add a note to seller in paypal specifying which colour you want!

Please email me : so I can send you a paypal invoice
Also, tell your friends!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feeling Like Myself Again

It's odd sometimes to step back and see how one identifies oneself.  Over the past year I've realized how much my fashion choices played a part in how I see myself and my confidence. Specifically my shoes.  When I was confined to orthopedic insoles I really struggled.  I was so used to wearing heels and using shoes as a form of self expression that being confined day in and day out to black flats or beat up sneakers made me feel like I wasn't myself.  A lot of my confidence came from my appearance.  At work part of the 'dress code' is to have hair done, full makeup, and be wearing stylish, classic clothing - to be stuck in flat shoes just made me feel short and dumpy.
Well, I'm happy to say that I've learned not to rely so much on my exterior for confidence but I'm even more happy to say that I found a pair of heels that I can wear all day at work and don't hurt my feet!  I don't know what it is, but there IS something about standing tall in a pair of heels.
I recently bought these Clarks mary janes on sale in Ottawa when I was there for work.  I bought them in black (of course).  I know they are not 'sexy' shoes, no stilettos, no sleek pointy toes, but by golly they are comfortable and give me a little hight - as well as a little bounce in my step.  I think they are the perfect casual shoe for me.  I will mostly wear them with pants because I think ankle straps make my little legs look shorter, but the other day I wore them with a black dress and black tights and they looked great!  

I used to wear platform mary janes all the time in high school and university.  They were my go-to shoe.  You'd never catch me in sneakers, always mary janes.  I guess this is the gown up version.  I still have to wear my insoles, but my feet have improved over the last year.  I know I can't go back to 'cheap' shoes....I miss getting a pair on sale at Wal-mart or payless for $10  but as soon as I put my foot in shoes like that I just cringe.  I can feel the stiffness, the lack of support and total disregard of craftsmanship.  With shoes I have to subscribe to the quality over quantity...I think that's better for my feet in the long run.

I'm glad mary janes & I are reacquainted.  

What's your go-to shoe?
What items in your closet give you confidence? 
do tell!


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