Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Post-Holiday Shopping

I went out shopping with a girlfriend on the 27th and surprisingly our malls were not that busy.  We originally just planned on seeing a movie, but then thought we'd try to do an exchange at one store and before we knew it, we were honest-to-goodness shopping ;)
I think my fav post-holiday purchase are my new slippers!  My old slippers had a hard plastic bottom and one day I went to put them on and the whole bottom had completely shattered!  So, I've been going all winter with no slippers.  
I found these babies on sale at sears for 50% off!  They are super comfy and easy to just slide on.
I love leopard print, but don't really have a lot in my wardrobe.  Just my rainboots and now these!

My second favourite purchase is what my feet are resting on in the above picture.  Costco had a set of 2 ottomans on for $39.99!!  The best part....
I could fit all our VHS and my Scene It game in the ottoman which freed up tons of space in our bookcase so I finally have a home for my crafty supplies!  Such a great purchase!!!

Have you found any great deals or treated yourself to a New Year present?


  1. Lovely. Send me my pics please.

  2. Love those slippers! The ottomans are really nice too and that's a great deal. I didn't go post-holiday shopping. I'd like to, but my daughter's birthday is right after Christmas. Between Christmas and her birthday, all my post Christmas money get sucked away. ;-) Next year I'll try to plan better.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Great buys indeed! I can't believe you lasted a Canadian winter sans slippers. That's very brave.

    I'm trying not to buy anything new ... dammit, I bought a shirt.

  4. I am the slippers crasher. Really. I have to buy at least three pair of slippers every year. Not to mention shoes. I'm always doing things with my feet, they're never standing still, not even when I sit, so shoes and slippers are poor victims.
    I bought THREE pair of shoes for less than sixty euros. This crisis has a good side.


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