Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Outfit

This Christmas was all about the tacky holiday sweater for me.
I made my own and will continue to embellish it year after year.  It will be glorious.
My passion for tacky Christmas apparel spread to my co-worker who was inspired to make a tacky Christmas dress! 
So, Christmas Eve we both wore our tacky get-ups to work.

Here we are in all our tackiness:

I had customers very tentatively say things like "wow, what a sweater..." and then they would look relieved and laugh when I told them it was supposed to be tacky.  A few people told me I would totally win an ugly Christmas sweater contest and one lady stopped my in the mall food court just to tell me how wonderful it was.  All in all, I think this sweater was a success!

Christmas morning I wore my tacky Christmas sweater with red flannel pj pants and then with jeans to the church service.
I plan to add more snowflakes to the sleeve for next year and also some candy canes.  I can't belive I don't have any candy canes!

Oh, and please, please steal this idea:  a Calvin & Hobbes Snowman sweater!  How fabulous would that be?!  I think I may have to expand my Christmas sweater collection.


  1. I absolutely love Calvin and Hobbes. So funny and your tacky sweater is fabulous!

  2. thanks Charming's Mama! Sorry it took me so long to get this post up, I really haven't been on my computer over the holidays.
    Aren't Calvin and Hobbes fabulous?! I actually got a new book of theirs for Christmas!

  3. hahaha love the tacky sweater, maybe next year I'll show up to work nonchalantly wearing one on the last day of work before Christmas holidays....oh I would so do it just to see the reactions!! (I work at a law firm).


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