Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Have you seen this yet? I just got a new scarf (shhhhh...hubby doesn't read the blog) and I'm excited to try some of these looks.  I think The Bunny Ear is my new favourite....and maybe The Magic Trick...

after I watched this video I clicked the link to her blog where she explains how she and her hubby made the video...soo much effort and worth every bit of it.  I think this is one of the most well done video tutorials I've ever seen.

...in other scarf news have you seen this DIY tshirt scarf tutorial yet?!

Aren't these scarves super cute and the best part is....no sewing!  You can just tie them in a knot, use a broach or even....a hair elastic with a fancy do-dad on it.

Happy Scarving Peeps!  Stay warm....winter is a coming


  1. That first video is amazing!

  2. That was a great video and I totally needed it! Thank you. I was just messing with a scarf yesterday trying to figure out how I should wear it. Now I'll have to watch the video again with a scarf and a mirror. ;-)

  3. Okay, that is SO cool!! I could watch that over and over again. Definitely going to give some of these a try.

  4. Awesome! I hope scarves never go out of style...they are just the perfect accessory. ~~Bliss


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