Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Sunday Morning

Today was an extra special day at church....not only was my dad speaking on his recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic, but my sister surprised us by showing up with her new baby, my nephew!  This marked J's first church service.  He was very well behaved and at break time he was definitely the most popular guy in the room!
my sis, J, and Deb

he loves his mama!

ok, is this not the funniest picture ever?!  Look at Deb and J's face!

This is me introducing my father-in-law to my 5 week old nephew.  My father-in-law is the pastor of our church and he thought J's first church service was a special occasion!  I agree.

Yesterday hubby and I visited with my sis and her family for lunch.  We brought over pizza and garlic fingers while sis provided salad and dessert!  It was a nice visit and, of course, pictures were taken.

mother and son

those eyes!

Sis's dog... so cute!

Sis says when he gets sleepy he covers his eyes.  He always kind of rubs his eyes and constantly moves his little fingers.  She said the other day she was talking to him while he was laying in his little rocker and he put his hands up and covered his ears!  I think he's going to have a spunky personality just like his mother - that said, he is remarkable quiet and content.  He smiles in his sleep.


  1. My dear little baby, so popular!

  2. Your nephew is absolutely adorable! Love the pictures.


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