Friday, November 11, 2011

Dressing for The Donald

Last month I was asked to do makeup for Donald Trump.  Yes, THE Donald Trump.  He came to my city, along with Rudy Giuliani and Danny Williams for a speaking engagement called SPARK.  I was hired to be on hand should any of the men need a touch up before going on stage.   

I was a little nervous and a little excited and very unsure about what to wear.  I knew I would be backstage the whole time, I knew I had a be comfortable and professional looking, and I knew that even if I wore the most expensive thing I owned it would not compare to anything The Donald considered quality.  So, I went with the idea that fit and style should be the most important element and decided on this little black dress.

This particular dress is actually from the maternity section of Walmart.  Go figure.
I paired it with black panty hose and knee high patent leather boots by Franco Sarto.

I needed the confidence boost that only a heel can give, if even just a kitten heel.

I was given an all access pass and taken to the back stage area.  Our green room was right beside Donald's dressing room. 
me and my all access pass

our green room

I got a sneak peak inside the dressing room before Donald arrived.  Not as fancy as I expected, but what does one really do to fancy up a men's locker room at a sports arena?  They had brought in leather couches, cold drinks and food.

 Donald was the last speaker and didn't even arrive in the building until about 15 minutes before he was due on stage.  Time is money and it would seem he has none to spare!

None of the men required my services and I had to go to work before I had the chance to meet any of them. But, it was cool to be a fly on the wall and I did get to hear everyone speak.  One of the backstage volunteers said the Donald's security guard pulled out a bronzer compact right before Donald walked out and handed it to him.  He bronzed himself, sprayed his hair, and went on stage.  
Lifestyles of the rich and famous.


  1. It's refreshing to read that Donald is happy to do his own makeup. Not many men can put that on their CV.

    I think you look lovely in all black. Very chic.

  2. Apparently you need to take me boot shopping

  3. Thanks MMMC.
    Karin, you scored the last great boot deal when we saw Jars! These boots I got 3 or 4 years ago at Manchester. They have held up really well!

  4. Life is stranger than fiction.

  5. You and your mum are on the fast track to famous! Soon we'll need an invite and all-access pass to read your blogs. That's very cool!!! Very exciting. You looked great.

  6. You look fabulous dahling! I'm sure The Donald would have approved.

  7. lol! Thanks FringeGirl & Charming's Mama!

  8. How very very cool to have a job like that. Beats a little 'ol kindergarten aide anyday. Can we trade?

    You look great in the dress by the way!

  9. I always laugh when spot make up in a straight man. How could you resist??


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