Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beyonce Can Count

Well...maybe that's too generous.....

Boyz II Men can count (they even know Roman Numerals! We will discuss spelling another day)...

and Beyonce just made it more fun....

kinda like a little R&B Feist...

but with dash more Audrey... and who doesn't want more Audrey?!

sigh.  Audrey.

 Audrey Heburn How To Steal A Millon film

Beyonce in Countdown video

While I simply cannot muster the imagination required to picture Audrey Hepburn telling us ladies to "Grind up on it girl, show him how you ride it" or that she has a "boo boo rider" it's a fun video with a very 60s/Audrey Hepburn aesthetic.  I enjoy it.  (I like Feist as well, but she seems to have an issue counting forward...the number 7 is mysteriously omitted.)

There you go Beyonce -  I like one of your songs, even the video too.  Now you can sleep at night.

ps, You look nice in clothes; your boobs are more boobalicious in that black turtleneck than any of your usual plunging necklines.  Remember, we don't need to see you naked, or any state resembling naked...just your Boo does...I guess?

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  1. Poor Audrey. Will kids learn to spell and count via You Tube from now on???


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