Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hair Trauma...not on my watch!

I just read Lisa's post on Privilege about the scary world of hair updos.  I felt I needed to do my part and try to help. Without hesitating I grabbed my camera and made a video the end of the day...sans gentle.

Lisa, I hope this helps!

One of my favourite brands of hair accessories is Goody.  Their products can be found in any drugstore and are relatively inexpensive while maintaining great quality and style.  I usually look for hair clips that match my hair - I believe clips and bobby pins are like underwear:  they should hold things up, but not be noticeable. But, for some occasions hair accessories can make a statement.  For dressy or 'fun' outfits I'm all about metallic, sparkle, and colour!  

These are clips that I'd recommend for everyday:

These headbands are great if you like something sleek and subtle.  I can wear them all day at work and they don't hurt behind my ears!
Goody site

If you just can't do headbands, try a scarf in a flattering colour.  It will brighten up your face and keep your hair out of your face...with no pain
For a girl who can rock a scarf like no body's business check out Aesthetic Alterations
She has a collection of Hermes scarves that is drool-worthy and always wears them in interesting ways.
If you are a scarf person, do yourself a favour and visit her blog.

Well Lisa, and everyone else to whom this is relevant, I hope this helped.  Or, maybe just inspired you to wear your hair differently tomorrow.  Get out that headband, clip, or scarf....but please, leave the scrunchie at home.


  1. I love Goody's, too! It's the only brand of hair items I get. They do their job every day, and that's enough to keep me brand loyal.

    Thank you for the sweet shout-out. I really do love scarves for hair-do options--scarves are the best investment, as they're wardrobe workhorses.

  2. Great tutorial! You're really good on camera. Your hair has gotten long. It looks really pretty.

  3. I love your bangs! And I'd been avoiding clips, but now I wonder why exactly:). Thank you for this.

  4. Laura, you are a whiz with my hair!

  5. I will have to try those Goody headbands, every other kind I've tried hurts like you know what behind the ears!


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