Thursday, October 13, 2011

the clash factor & dressing like Carrie Bradshaw

Call me crazy, but I love red and coral together
This nail polish is CHANEL Pirate, which is being re-released this fall with the Rouge Allure Velvet collection.  I heart it.  I remember when it was discontinued so I'm super excited it's back.

I'm planning an outfit for a "Sex and the City Soiree" being held tomorrow night.  
A young, local shop owner is having a fashion show of her clothing line and the proceeds are going to a hospice organization in honour of her late father.  

She's asked me to do the makeup for the models and of course I said yes.  Going to a function to work it is very different than going as an attendee.  The fashion show is in 4 segments with entertainment going on in between.  

Each segment requires a tweak to the makeup so I will be working through out the show.  I need something I can move easily in, something that won't be ruined if I get makeup on it, & something that respects the vibe of the occasion.  
I want to look fun and fashion forward - Carrie Bradshaw inspired  - while I'm working.

Confession:  I do not watch Sex and the City.  I have not seen the movies.  Even though I love clothes and shoes, from the snippets of episodes I've seen it's just not a show I can embrace.
So, I've been googling Carrie Bradshaw outfits.

Key things I've learned about dressing like Carrie Bradshaw:
The girl loves fur.
Separates in mixed, even clashing, colours and prints is key
Big flower pins and namesake necklaces are in her blood
Statement necklaces & hats are some of her favourite accessories (not to mention the shoes!)
Unexpected combinations
see the Mickey Mouse shirt under the blazer!
Dresses are solid with interesting silhouette 
Lots of layers - sometimes to the point of being wacky
Often man repelling
check out this blog to see some great Carrie Bradshaw fashion moments

Here are some things I'm thinking about:

either pair of these boots would be perfect because I bought them from a local shoe store participating in this event and they are comfy enough for me to stand and work in.
left: Franco Sarto patent leather with kitten heel.
right: Steve Madden over the knee cowboy heel.

A simple tank that I sewed CHANEL ribbon on and topped with a fur collar
 I would wear this with a sheer silk bubble skirt and the Franco Sarto boots...and a black sequined beret!
fur: check
slightly quirky: check
hat: check

or, go with the layered look
jacket: check
flower pin: check
statement necklace: check
I think option #2 wins simply because I bought this jacket in New York and what would Sex and the City be without the city?!


  1. Love your outfit choice! But I really thought the ribbon and fur you sewed onto the tank was super creative and definitely quirky I like the image of outfit number #1.

    Sounds like a fun party, even if you're working! Enjoy. :-)


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