Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hair Trauma...not on my watch!

I just read Lisa's post on Privilege about the scary world of hair updos.  I felt I needed to do my part and try to help. Without hesitating I grabbed my camera and made a video the end of the day...sans gentle.

Lisa, I hope this helps!

One of my favourite brands of hair accessories is Goody.  Their products can be found in any drugstore and are relatively inexpensive while maintaining great quality and style.  I usually look for hair clips that match my hair - I believe clips and bobby pins are like underwear:  they should hold things up, but not be noticeable. But, for some occasions hair accessories can make a statement.  For dressy or 'fun' outfits I'm all about metallic, sparkle, and colour!  

These are clips that I'd recommend for everyday:

These headbands are great if you like something sleek and subtle.  I can wear them all day at work and they don't hurt behind my ears!
Goody site

If you just can't do headbands, try a scarf in a flattering colour.  It will brighten up your face and keep your hair out of your face...with no pain
For a girl who can rock a scarf like no body's business check out Aesthetic Alterations
She has a collection of Hermes scarves that is drool-worthy and always wears them in interesting ways.
If you are a scarf person, do yourself a favour and visit her blog.

Well Lisa, and everyone else to whom this is relevant, I hope this helped.  Or, maybe just inspired you to wear your hair differently tomorrow.  Get out that headband, clip, or scarf....but please, leave the scrunchie at home.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Deer, Coyotes, and Bears...Oh My!

So, a challenge has been put forth for me to get some pictures of local bears for my blog.  Challenge accepted Deb.  And, completed.

I friend of mine has a trail cam set up at his deer blind about 15 - 20 mins away from my house.  Here are the bears and a few other critters.  Note the date and time stamps on the bottom right of each photo.

avert your eyes, it's a bear bum!

bear on the move!

Big bear!

deer at the apple bait

coyote smelling deer...

Now, the mutant deer.  I hope this makes you laugh as much as it did me!
My friend's theory is that this is a deer with too much testosterone .
Whatever the case, it's hilarious!

it looks like it's screaming right at the camera!  
I showed this picture to a girl friend and she said "he'd better not shoot that one, it looks like it would come back and haunt him!"

Friday, October 21, 2011

late night hair decisions

the other night i decided it was time to refresh my bangs...myself.  
I've had long side bangs for a while and they drive me nuts.  A few months ago I asked hubby if he liked my bangs 'as is' or if I should cut them.  He said I should leave them, so I did.  I had my hairdresser freshen them with a tiny trim at my last hair appointment.  Well, I'm over it.  I am oily and when I wear my bangs down they just get all stringy and they are constantly in my eyes so I've been keeping them pinned up or hairsprayed back.

Wednesday night, around 11pm I took matters into my own hands and went to google 'bangs for square face" and the like.  This picture of Amanda Peet showed up. 
There, those are the bangs I want!

Not quite "wall of bangs" a la Sandra Bullock's at the 2011 Golden Globes, but definitely not just a long swoopy layer of hair either.

So, here is an unofficial before picture....
notice my bangs are pinned back (as per norm) and my hair is wavy 

and this is me after I went into the bathroom around 11:15pm with scissors and gave it a go
we're totally twins, right?!
I consider it a success.  
I'm happy with how they came out.  No tears & no emergency trip to the hairdresser before work the next morning.  Yay new bangs!

Any hair issues in your life recently?  Do tell.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

yummy & easy = my kind of baking

After my delicious supper of Kraft Dinner tonight, I remembered a recipe I saw earlier in the week and decided to whip it up as dessert.

They look messy and are a little sticky, but to me that's just more proof of their perfection!

You will need:
ready-to-bake biscuits (I used Pillsbury) Or, by all means, bake your own recipe.
1 table spoon of lemon juice
icing sugar (didn't measure...maybe start with 1/4 cup?)
raspberry jam
(parchment paper is your friend)

that's it!

while you are preheating your oven to the temperature specified on the biscuit directions...
arrange biscuits on baking sheet (put down parchment paper first if you have any).
mix lemon juice and icing sugar together. 
 Slowly add icing sugar and keep stirring until you get a 'glaze' consistency.
Spoon glaze over the the biscuits.
Spoon a dollop of raspberry jam on the biscuits.
bake for time specified on the biscuit directions*

*might need an extra minute or two to really cook through, but be careful that the bottoms don't burn on account of all that sugary glaze seeping underneath them.

Let cool and enjoy!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's a hard life

Sometimes the life of a makeup artist is shows can be particularly stressful. Sometimes you need to be doing 6 people's makeup at once, you don't have time to eat, you realize you haven't packed something in your kit, you start your day early and stay all night, etc.
But, I love it.  Even if it is crazy and stressful.
Here's a peak at what I was up to while my sister was in the hospital giving birth to her first baby.

Hot tip:  Adam uses pipe cleaners in hair to get a perfect bun!

Story of a model's life: Hurry up and wait.

Mother Daughter Modeling Duo!

All the clothes!

 They brought cupcakes backstage to us!  So yummy!

They had a giant black velvet shoe chair and photographers on hand who would take your picture if you donated to Hospice.  Somewhat reluctantly, I climbed on.  They photographer took several shots and a few different poses and this is the one they put up on facebook.

It was a lot of fun, but the best part of the night was after the show when I got to meet this little man

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My new little man

Yesterday my little sister had her first baby!

Here she is a few weeks ago.  She felt ready to give birth then, little did she know she'd have to wait 5 days past her due date!

I was working the fashion show while mum was with her in the hospital.  
behold the touch-up station

Around 7pm we heard that sis was being scheduled for a c-section and my hubby went to pick up dad to bring him in town, picked me up from the fashion show, and we headed in to meet the new member of the family!

He was perfect in every way!  8 pounds 9 ounces!

Proud Dad

So sleepy!  I promise his face doesn't look as smushed as this photo makes it look

Proud, and tired, first time grandparents.
Please now refer to Deb as Nan or Nanny, or as I like to say, Nanny Nan Nan.
(she HATES it)

Now, like good Canadians we went directly from the hospital to Tim Hortons for celebratory drinks.
mum: smoothie, dad: tea, hubby: french vanilla cappucino, me: hot chocolate.  cheers!

This is a picture of dad very involved in telling a story to my husband while mum is shaking her head telling me I'm out of the will if I post any of these photos.  Sorry Nanny Nan Nan.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the clash factor & dressing like Carrie Bradshaw

Call me crazy, but I love red and coral together
This nail polish is CHANEL Pirate, which is being re-released this fall with the Rouge Allure Velvet collection.  I heart it.  I remember when it was discontinued so I'm super excited it's back.

I'm planning an outfit for a "Sex and the City Soiree" being held tomorrow night.  
A young, local shop owner is having a fashion show of her clothing line and the proceeds are going to a hospice organization in honour of her late father.  

She's asked me to do the makeup for the models and of course I said yes.  Going to a function to work it is very different than going as an attendee.  The fashion show is in 4 segments with entertainment going on in between.  

Each segment requires a tweak to the makeup so I will be working through out the show.  I need something I can move easily in, something that won't be ruined if I get makeup on it, & something that respects the vibe of the occasion.  
I want to look fun and fashion forward - Carrie Bradshaw inspired  - while I'm working.

Confession:  I do not watch Sex and the City.  I have not seen the movies.  Even though I love clothes and shoes, from the snippets of episodes I've seen it's just not a show I can embrace.
So, I've been googling Carrie Bradshaw outfits.

Key things I've learned about dressing like Carrie Bradshaw:
The girl loves fur.
Separates in mixed, even clashing, colours and prints is key
Big flower pins and namesake necklaces are in her blood
Statement necklaces & hats are some of her favourite accessories (not to mention the shoes!)
Unexpected combinations
see the Mickey Mouse shirt under the blazer!
Dresses are solid with interesting silhouette 
Lots of layers - sometimes to the point of being wacky
Often man repelling
check out this blog to see some great Carrie Bradshaw fashion moments

Here are some things I'm thinking about:

either pair of these boots would be perfect because I bought them from a local shoe store participating in this event and they are comfy enough for me to stand and work in.
left: Franco Sarto patent leather with kitten heel.
right: Steve Madden over the knee cowboy heel.

A simple tank that I sewed CHANEL ribbon on and topped with a fur collar
 I would wear this with a sheer silk bubble skirt and the Franco Sarto boots...and a black sequined beret!
fur: check
slightly quirky: check
hat: check

or, go with the layered look
jacket: check
flower pin: check
statement necklace: check
I think option #2 wins simply because I bought this jacket in New York and what would Sex and the City be without the city?!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


do you ever take time to really think about what words mean?  words we say casually everyday.  words like 'thankful'.  when i say i'm thankful am i really FULL of THANKS?  full would mean no room for anything else, right? no doubt, anger, sadness, envy....just full of thanks.

what are you full of?  i strive to be thankful, hopeful, truthful, faithful - so FULL of these qualities all mixed together that there is no room for anything else.  this is not easy.  this requires taking one's thoughts captive, not dwelling on things, not deriving joy/peace/contentment from things or circumstances.

tomorrow i celebrate Canadian thanksgiving with my family.  and, while i fully intend to be physically full of turkey, apple crisp, stuffing, and the chocolate chip peanut butter cake cookies i baked tonight; i intend to daily decide to be thankful even when things don't go my way, always hopeful even when circumstances don't look good, truthful even when it would be easier deceive, and faithful even when people think i'm silly or naive for believing what i do.

happy thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Update - the one where i talk about food

If you have something better to do, please go do it.  Seriously.  This is potentially the most boring post I've ever written.

Friday night.
Hubby had to work late so my sis and her hubby picked me up from work and we went to mum and dad's for supper.  It was delicious.  She had mashed potatoes with garlic, a lovely fresh green salad, and carrots right from the garden...slathered in butter and a hint of sugar....fabulous!
My sister made us all chocolate mug cake with sauce.  It's a cake mix that you put in a mug and mix with milk.  It makes its own fudge-y sauce and is especially excellent with vanilla ice cream.
I came home, enjoyed a bath and watched the Pan Am pilot episode online.
It was really choppy on my laptop and I had to keep resetting it and watching the same clips over and over, not to mention all the adds.  I switched to hubby's computer and couldn't get the internet to work, then the internet worked but I couldn't get the speaker to work.  It took like an hour just to set up to watch the whole episode!  It was worth the hassle. I liked it and see this show as another piece of evidence that I was born in the wrong era.  I look forward to the second episode airing Sunday night.

Rose early to get to work as I had an appointment scheduled for an hour before the store even opened.  Got there and she was a no show!  Ate a bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese (no client = garlic) and had a coffee.
My supper was a reheated piece of fish that I couldn't finish at lunch.  I was bad for lunch and went to Deluxe French Fries to enjoy a fish & chips special with poutine on my fries.  It was delicious.  Even the reheated piece was delicious.  Friday night is youth group night so we usually rush home, eat something quick and fast and then eat another snack after.  I drank a can at cream soda during youth group and then made toast and peanut butter as a snack after.  Hubby ate mr. noodles and hotdogs.  We are so classy!
Julie and Julia was on tv.  I missed at least the first half hour by the time I had tuned in and had to go to bed before it was done!
But, what I did see was really good.  I loved the characters and, as usual, Meryl Streep did a fabulous job!

I went to church without eating anything (as per usual) and at break time during the service I had coffee and 4 different squares!  They were home-made and delectable.   I decided we needed something heathy for lunch so I put rice in the rice cooker,  defrosted and cooked a chicken breast and made a stir fry with the organic veggies mum gave me the other day.  I cooked the chicken with red pepper jelly.  And, I added scrambled eggs with cayenne pepper.  It was delicious.  Hubby agreed.
Best part - there is left-over's for him to take in his lunch tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon I baked peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I always just make the recipe on the back of the Kraft Peanut Butter Jar.  3 ingredients: 1 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup sugar (I use brown), and 1 egg.  Mix and add chocolate chips if desired.  How easy it that?!

hot tip: the recipe is on the medium size jar.  If you try to be cost-effective and get the large jar you are out of luck!

Julie and Julia came back on tv so I got to watch it all the way through.  So glad to have the chance.  If you haven't seen it, check it out.  Don't watch it hungry though!
Supper was simple.  Hubby had hot dogs and I had a fried egg on toast with cheese and a slice of pressed chicken breast.  After supper I took the notion to make fresh salsa.  I've never done that before, but I had just been given 3 beautiful garden tomatoes and a green pepper.  I chopped up some tomato, some red onion, green pepper.  Added garlic, pepper, sprinkle of thyme, a splash of lemon juice, a pinch of parmesan cheese and mixed it all up.  So good!  I put some in a bowl with a spoonful of greek yogurt and ate it with multigrain tostitos.  A very yummy and healthy evening snack. Of course after that I made hot chocolate with marshmallows and ate another cookie :)  only 2 are left from today's batch!


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