Sunday, September 11, 2011

the one where I talk about the Botox party

yes, that's right, Botox party.
A friend invited me to attend her friend's botox party.  She was hosting one in her home.  What is a Botox party you ask?  It's like a tupperware party, except the one doing the presentation and sales pitch is a Plastic Surgeon and at the end you get consultations and botox/filler injections!  I was just too curious to not go, so I dragged mum with me!
Here is mum's before:

 Wait for it:

 the big reveal:
oh no! they hit a nerve and she got a perma-Elvis-scowl!

Just Kidding!
Mum knows she doesn't need to make any 'tweaks' or 'enhancements'.
Hubby was hoping we would see someone's face 'melt', lol.  To prepare ourselves we practiced our Botox faces:
droopy lip (aka face-melt according to hubby)

surprise eyes

the 'I'm too sexy' face

So, what does one wear to a Botox party?  Good question.  Here's what we came up with:
Fun shirt with nice jeans

Fun shirt, fun necklace & nice jeans

We seemed to hit the mark.  Most people wore jeans, some wore cute little dresses.  Most things were quite body conscience and there was a fair amount cleavage showing - some real and some enhanced ;) One lady even offered to let people feel her breasts so we could tell how realistic they were!  
No one took her up on that offer...but I was tempted.  They kept saying that the silicone gel was like a gummy bear...I had never compared gummy bears to boobs before...guess I missed my chance.

oh, and the host of the party has 2 fabulous bengal cats!  They were beautiful and very skilled at escaping photographers.  Here are my best attempts at catching a glimpse of them to share with you.

Don't they have the most gorgeous colouring?!

So, have you ever attended an event/party out of pure nosiness & intrigue?  Be honest.
And now, for your viewing pleasure please enjoy a slideshow of Deb the Fashionista pre-party photos


disclaimer:  this blogger fully supports and embraces each individual's right to personal maintenance and anti-aging actions that may include, but are not limited to, botox injections, Juvaderm fillers, plastic surgery, make-up &/or skincare.  This blogger also finds humour in the extreme efforts some make to attain permanent youthfulness.


  1. You nut! I'm conscious of being unconscience.

  2. @Deb

    Remember that scene in As Good As It Gets when she's writing the letter to Jack's character and she looks up 'conscience' in the dictionary. "Con-science? That can't be right!" I always think of that when I type that word.

  3. I laughed myself stupid! You're both beautiful just the way you are and you gals sure know how to have a good time...

  4. I'm seriousluy laughing out-loud and trying not to because I'm in a room with three non-bloggers.

    Golly, you're both funny! Laughing here.

    Botox. I shake my head.

  5. I'm invited to a botox toronto party next month, and I like your idea to have fun:)
    I will go there with my mum so I'm sure we'll have lots of fun preparing for the party.
    Keep you humor alive, because it's making our day better:)

  6. My friend's mom went to these botox parties regularly. At the end she scared children. She was ugly but she felt beautiful and young. I really don't understand what happen to her brain...didn't she see people's reactions to her changes? they were all in a state of schock.
    But I still believe some people could use some botox to their brains.

  7. @bobbi
    how sad. People look really strange when they over do it, that is for sure!

  8. Man I would've loved to go to this party with you. I've never heard of a Botox party and I'm surprised. I did live on Long Island where I got regular mailers for plastic surgery. A friend went to the doctor for a slipped disc in her back and he offered her Botox. She wasn't so happy.

    LOVED your outfits. Very fashionable and flattering. I'm glad Deb the Fashionista didn't get any face work done. She definitely does not need it. You either, but I figured that was a given!

    I think I might just be a little too freaked out to ever squish a fake a boob. This was such a fun post. You gals are too funny.

  9. Too funny, I personally like the Elvis face.

  10. This is truly a fabulous idea. I read somewhere (or maybe my dermatologist let me know) that a single dose of Botox is way too much, so "going in" with someone is a great idea. I would go in a heartbeat--so thanks for taking me along! Now, would I have a "pinch" done--that's the real question.


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