Monday, September 5, 2011

Labour Day - true story

Today I slept in late while hubby got up by 9 and played computer games(hey, it's a holiday!)  Then, I got to work!  Hubby and I washed all the dishes (this truly is a feat because it was like a week's worth of dishes and we don't have a dish washer), I washed and folded and put away laundry,  and I cleaned the kitchen. But, that's not all!
I decided to bake cookies for my sister's upcoming baby shower and it provided the perfect opportunity to use my new Fringe Vanilla (full review to come).
I chose my favourite cookie recipe (chocolate chunk) and made some variations.  I used mini muffin pans to make the cookies, just for something different.

The first batch I made was mint chocolate chip.
I used a Cadbury milk chocolate mint bar and broke it up into little chunks.  Then I sprinkled green sprinkles on top to I could tell the mint from the regular chocolate chunk.

 In this pan I made half regular chocolate chunk and half a mix of peanut butter chips & skor bits.  I sprinkled extra skor bits on top....because there's no such things as too many skor bits!

In the meantime the slow cooker is simmering away.  I put in a big pork loin, some bbq sauce, red pepper jelly, garlic, onions, salt and pepper....oh and a bottle of beer.  
Hubby is confident that it will be delicious.  I've been smelling it all day and I'm very ready to eat it!

To go with the slow cooker pork, I made rolls.  I always think that making rolls is going to be such a pain, but it's really not that bad.  I make the dough in the bread machine and it's easy peasy!

Then I dug out my pampered chef mandolin slicer (which I think I've used 2 in 3 years) and got hubby to slice up some potatoes.  I laid them out in a baking dish, drizzled olive oil on them and then topped them with parmesan cheese, bacon bits, salt, pepper, grilling spice, Mrs. Dash, and shredded mozzarella & cheddar cheese!  I backed them for about an hour at 350. 

So, how did supper all come together?
like this:

I love meals like this because I know there will be yummy left-overs!  If I make pork like this I'll go with my first instinct and not use a whole bottle of beer...I could taste it a little too clearly.  But, I know it will be great in pulled pork sandwiches!

now I'm off to do more laundry and try to clean up our bedroom!
Happy Labour Day indeed!
Edited to add:
so, about 1 minute after I hit "post", while hubby put a load of clothes in the dryer, our power went out! For 9 hours!!! 


  1. wow- i seriously thought your post was going to be me into labour. you baked, cleaned, and cooked all in one day! awesome- i wish i had energy like that!! dinner looked yum- glad you accomplished everything before your power went out!

  2. Wow, why weren't we invited?????

  3. How funny, my husband did the same thing yesterday morning (got up early to play video games).


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