Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween. Part 1 of who knows how many

I love Halloween.  Really, I love any excuse to dress up.  As soon as it's over I think about what to be next year, but I can never decide and never feel like I have 'the best' idea.  So, now it's almost October and I'm idealess for what to wear as a costume to work.  I like to do something that uses make-up as a key component and it needs to be something that I can easily maneuver in.  This is how I dressed up last year for a friend's Halloween party: A statue coming to life

I'm still brainstorming for what I'll dress up as this year, but I came across this tonight and thinks it's a super cute idea for kids!

Gross -Eeries!  How fun is that?!  You could really do a lot of cool (ie. gross) things with this costume.  If you go to the link above they even have printable labels you can use in making this. 

Do you still dress up?  Do you go out to parties, or dress up to answer the door?  What are some of your, or your kid's, favourite costumes?  Do you hate Halloween? If so, I apologize in advance for the posts that are sure to follow on the subject.


  1. What a cool idea for a coming-alive statue. Very original and you still get to be pretty while wearing your costume. I have never been one to dress up much for Halloween....can't even remember the last time I did. But I do like Halloween and look forward to your future posts.

  2. Halloween it's taking on in the last few years here too, but I still haven't had the chance to dress up once. That is such a cool costume, and very nice make up (of course!!)

  3. I found a cool picture of a zombie woman on Pinterest and the makeup looks do-able. Although I'm not the type that usually gets into zombies, I really kinda want to be a zombie this Halloween. Is that crazy?

  4. Last year Hubs and I bought Star Trek costumes (I got the blue minidress) and all the accessories. I'll have to post a photo soon, it was a scream!

  5. @the domestic fringe
    rock the zombie, go for it!
    I may have to cave in on my 'no pinterest' rule for halloween....

  6. @LR @ Magnificent or Egregious
    that's hilarious! my hubby always wants to be a surgeon...but that's just because he has a set of scrubs. I say that it doesn't count as a costume because technically he'd just be wearing is pjs!


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