Friday, September 23, 2011

H&M Virtual Dressing Room

Did you ever play with paper dolls as a kid?  I did.  I loved it.  I remember having a Disney paper doll book.  I haven't seen any or played with any in years but now H&M has re-kindled the love affair with their virtual dressing rooms.
It's too much fun.  Below is what I came up with tonight after discovering the site for the first time.
I have a bad feeling a lot of time will be wasted this way from now on....

PS. I think that shirt was meant for me. At under $20 I may have to make it mine!


  1. Get me a top, I'll make it for you.

  2. AcK! Why did I read your post? Now I totally want to go try this but I really should go finish the laundry!

  3. @liZ evans
    Sorry liZ, that is exactly the reason I stay away from Pinterest!


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