Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Card Game

Today I had a serious date.  Not with hubby, but with my friend L.  She's heavy into card making and this is the second time we've gotten together to card for the day.  When I say day, I mean all day.  Hubby drops me off at L's place around 9:30 am and then I stay until he picks me up at around 6:30 - 7pm!  I tell you, it's way better than spending my day off cleaning the house, doing laundry and dishes!
L suggests that before you begin a carding session, go through your calendar and see who has birthdays, anniversaries, etc coming up and make a list of cards to make.  I find having a list really helps keep me focused because I design each card for a specific person - otherwise I'd just design a bunch of cards for myself!
Today my list was Hubby's birthday, In-law's Anniversary, Sis-in-law's birthday, Cousin's Birthday.  I made all 4 cards.  Before visiting with L I never would have thought that in an 8 hour day I could only make 4 greeting cards....but now I know better.  There's too many options and she has every gadget and gizmo known to man! It's easy to get overwhelmed and not be able to pick a theme or commit to a design.
Here's L's craft room:

 The little stand of coloured drawers are all different colours of paper and cardstock.
I would estimate it contains less than half of her paper.

This is her display case of rubber stamps.  Not all her stamps mind you, just a case and just rubber.

This is the Thank You rubber stamp shelf.  

These are the cards I made today:

 1st up, Hubby's card
 On the inside I'm going to write "You and shoes, that is"lol

next up, my cousin's birthday card:
With cousin J, more is more. Always.  Bright, girly, and over the top is what her birthday card had to be.  I couldn't decide between all the different papers so I used all of them!
the inside:
I had a lot of fun making this card!

After the bright and crazy cupcakes, I decided to go simple and elegant.
Here is the anniversary card for my in-laws:
I used a clear heat embossing powder for the 'celebrate'.  I discovered today that I love embossing powder.  I also love embossing templates - like the swirly one I used for the bottom part of the card.

I stamped on a piece of vellum for the inside.  Vellum always looks fancy.

Last, but certainly not least, a birthday card for my sis-in-law:
I embossed the card stock, and then I heat embossed all the gold details.
More heat embossing inside.
did i mention i like heat embossing?

I can't wait until our next get together.  We are going to make Christmas cards!


  1. I really like them. You could make some more and put them in your easy shop!

  2. Did you say you like embossing?

  3. @bobbi
    with the time I spend on them I'd have to charge $20 a card!

  4. Beautiful cards! It's so nice to have friends who have all the gadgets and let you use them freely!!

  5. Those cards are really pretty!

    Your friend has an amazing craft room. No wonder you lost in there for an entire day! Sounds like a fun Saturday.


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