Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yard sales, shopping, and a crafty challenge

Today was my first Saturday off in over 2 months!  I was so excited!
Hubby and I got up bright and early (8:30, that's early for me on a Saturday!) and went to the local Farmer's Market for breakfast.  It was delicious as per usual.  We saw some good friends and met some new ones too!  The family sitting next to us were very pleasant and we discovered that we had lots of mutual acquaintances.

Then we headed to a yard sale.  My first yard sale of the summer to be exact!  One of my regular clients was hosting it and had invited me to drop by.  So glad I did, look at what I found:
This teal Samsonite case rocks my socks.  It's not only my favourite colour, but I can use it to hold some of my craft supplies...or nail my polish...let's just say that it will have a very important use.  It was used to hold a musician's pedals.  The inside lining is in great shape and has places to tuck things in along the edges.

It was brilliantly labeled by my client's boyfriend. 
top: If you ever meet a superhero from the planet Samson, defeat him with this mighty SAMSONITE!!!
bottom: Great for villains! $5 or maybe less if you tell my girlfriend that my jokes are funny.

My other fun find is this little guitar amp:
I bought it to use with my keyboard that has no built in speakers.  It's so little and cute!  I love anything vintage looking.

After the yard sale we had some errands to run and then had lunch with some friends.
Then, more crazy's a highlight of stuff I wanted to bring home with me:
Some Royal Wedding paraphernalia...I was a tad sore about not bringing this home with me, but I did get some stamps to commemorate the event so I suppose I don't need a tin of tea....

Next, there are no words:
Giant fork and knife wall art

hubby agreed to let himself be shown, 
only to provide the proper scale and therefore appreciation of the wall cutlery.

we were thisclose to buying them just because it was so out there, but the fronts of both are really badly damaged with huge scrapes and the surface is totally peeled off in spots.  We brainstormed for a few minutes on how we could effectively fix them, but couldn't come up with anything.  
The fork was $2 and the knife was $3.  I told hubby he should at least buy the fork and spray paint it gold so it could be a trident like in The Little Mermaid....he didn't go for it.

Next, off to Canadian Tire, one of our national hardware store chains.  At this particular location I always see this out front:
I think this is the first time I've seen it open....I've never eaten a hot dog from it...probably never will.

Inside Canadian Tire we found this:
A Seasame St waffle maker that imprints Elmo and the Cookie Monster!!  for 19.99!!  I would make grill cheese sandwiches in it.  They would be fabulous.

Now, I'm going to share the beginnings of a crafty endeavor and I would appreciate any and all advice.
Here's the backstory:
   Hubby would like 3 leather club chairs for his new office.  Hubby would also like to be able to afford 3 leather club chairs for his new office.  For months now we've been checking sales at furniture stores, online selling sites, the paper but to no avail. Nothing in our price range.
Then, last week we were in a grocery store and they had wicker lawn furniture on sale.  They had cute little chairs on for $7.00 that were basically the shape hubby wanted.  I half-jokingly suggested that he just buy them and have them slip covered.  Well, a few days later hubby went and bought the last 3 chairs!

He has decided against slip covering however, because he is set on a leather look.
So, part of our crazy errands today was the purchase of foam padding and vinyl. 

So, my question to you lovely, creative readers is:  How would you turn this:

 into this? :
in the easiest, cheapest way possible of course.

We can do it, I know we can!


  1. Good luck with that. I want the knife and fork.

  2. @Deb
    I know! I think they were totally worth the 5 bucks!

  3. Juri would love the waffle maker! And by Juri I mean Stefan! LOL.
    As for the chairs- good luck!

  4. @Pamela
    Well, don't show Stefan and I'll let Santa know he's interested.

  5. I love your first two scores! Fabulous vintage finds!

    I can't help you with the chairs ... that looks like a lot of work, but I'm keen to see how you tackle it. I think you'll end-up doing a great job!

  6. Wow! I can't wait to see what you do with those chairs. I'm sorry to say that I have no advice for you. I'm terrible with trying to redo chairs. I attempted a slipcover once and ended up throwing out both the chair and the fabric. I just didn't know what I was doing. I'm sure there have to be some tutorials online. I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job and they turn out just like you hoped.

    I didn't know you played you play in church?

    Love your little samsonite case. That hubby is very witty on his tags. So cute!

    Glad you had a good weekend and enjoyed your Saturday off.

  7. Absolutely no clue about the chairs....but I think it's a great idea.

    Adorable that your husband agreed to pose with the giant knife and fork. And your train case purchase reminds me of a garage sale find of my own back when I was a teenager...I got mine for 50 cents - probably about the same amount that you did with inflation!

  8. Hey girl!! I'm back. ( and still no trace of your card!! I think it's missing for good)
    The chairs: that's a lot of work and sewing and it's hard to get a good result. I think you should go with a simple project. You could make a cushion for the back and the seat and then sew a lining. Forget about leather it's difficult to sew!

  9. Hey I'm interested in the amp how would I buy it?

    1. Hi Nick, that amp is not for sale. I bought it at a yard sale and I'm very happy with it. Thanks for reading my blog!


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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