Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick Tips: Dressing for Events

My last post on this subject, click here, was quite lengthy.  I thought I'd give you my 10 tips for dressing for a formal event followed by an outfit example.
If you have any questions about a specific event you're attending let me know in the comments and I'll do a post about it!

Tip 1: a dress is always more formal that a skirt and top

Tip 2: the longer the hemline the more formal the over all look (in general)

Tip 3: cotton is usually too casual for formal events; look for fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon, silk-wool blend, velvet

Tip 4: make sure your garments fit properly.  Ill fitting clothes can be unflattering and look awkward

Tip 5: monochromatic outfits often look more chic & put together; also very flattering to any figure

Tip 6: A little black dress that fits you well will take you anywhere.  I recommend a summer version and a fall/winter version  (I personally never wear black or white to weddings, but that's just me)

Tip 7: shoes can make or break your outfit; make sure they fit the 'feel' of the rest of the ensemble

Tip 8: be comfortable & confident - don't wear something you're self-conscience in or constantly have to adjust

Tip 9: Don't wear too many matching accessories.  It's better to co-ordinate than be matchy matchy.  Big earrings & a bracelet or small earrings and necklace.  Don't do all 3 pieces of a set.

Tip 10: Keep in mind the time of the event, the location, who is hosting, who will be attending, indoor or outdoor,  the season, & the look of the invite itself.

Check out this post for a more in-depth look at this subject.

I'm attending my co-worker's wedding early this September.  She has 4 bridesmaids standing up with her, so I consider that to be a fairly big wedding.  I know that fuchsia is one of the colours so she's not going for a fall theme.  The ceremony and reception are held in the same place - a fancy banquet hall over-looking a lake and everything starts in the afternoon.  It's a formal wedding but a fun wedding and I know that most of the people attending are not a glitz & glam crowd.

So, I'm going to wear a dress in a silky fabric, but in a shorter length.  It's a print which is a little more fun that a sold.  My jewelry will be simple because I'm going to wear a hat.  I plan to wear strappy high shoes and then change into sandals that accommodate my orthopedic insoles (such is my lot in life).
Dress by Apt.9 at Khols.  It has pockets!

Hat from etsy that I customized, pearl drop earrings, 3 pearl bracelets, CHANEL nail polish in Orange Fizz, coral cardigan by Joe Fresh.  The cotton cardigan is on the casual side, but I'm just bringing it if the weather turns chilly at night.  I could wear a fancier black one that I own, but I just don't like black at weddings.  Tips are tips, you have to go with what you have and what you like...and I think I make up for it with the hat :)

Shoes to start the event by Suzy Shier

Shoes to end the night by Aetrex

A pink clutch by Coach for essentials


  1. LOVE your outfit! Your dress is beautiful and those shoes are to die for. Of course, you'll be lovely. Great tips. I don't like black for a wedding either, but that's just me. My mom recently brought me a bag of hand-me-downs from a women she works with, and I got a beautiful little black dress out of it. Now I just need a place to go. ;-)

  2. I'm not so sure about black at a wedding. I had to let go of my hang-ups about it when my MIL wore a black dress to our wedding. She looked very lovely, understated elegance. My bridesmaids also wore a long black skirt with a pink top, very elegant and the best part, the skirt could and was worn again for more than one occasion.

  3. Okay, so you should be a stylist. See, if you move to Italy we can work together. We could hire your mom for catering. I am working on a super secret project and I'm going to need extra hands...

  4. I'm laughing about Tip 6! We're at my boyfriend's parent's 50th wedding anniversary, and at the wedding ceremony both the daughter and I wore black dresses! LOL But we did get her mother's okay beforehand.


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