Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY Techie Artwork

So, in procrastination of the completion of the great chair challenge hubby and I embarked on an  easier tasks to get the creative juices flowing.  Hubby needs some artwork for his new office walls.  A good friend of his gave him a beautiful photograph that was professionally framed.  It looks wonderful, but what about the rest of the space?
I noticed some random computer innards on hubby's desk and asked if they were useless.  He replied that they were so I decided to make them art.  I took 3 old hard drives and my vision was to frame each one in a separate shadowbox and hang them as a group.  Then, I remembered we had a big shadow box at home that wasn't being used so I could group all 3 in 1.

Here is hubby screwing the hard drives into the shadowbox

Don't they look like little platinum records.  Could be a fun gift idea to someone who is a musician... their own platinum record!

like this one!

 Here is our finished project, hung on the office wall!

I think it looks cool.  How perfect for an IT company.  

It was totally free because we already had all the supplies needed (shadow box, 3 hard drives, 8 screws) and it only took about 15 - 20 minutes from start to finish!

Another piece of 'artwork' we found on etsy.  I love trolling that website.  I could browse around on there for hours!  I was looking at vinyl wall decals and we found this:

Hubby is going to put this on the door to his server room.  At $13.00 it's cool and fun and why not!  The seller was so great!  He responded to my questions within minutes and was very helpful.  Check out his shop and browse around.  If you're looking to decorate a kid's room or add something fun to any space there are tones of ideas!  Also, if you ask he can print these with your own photos and he can use material so they can be removed and reused!

Do you have any projects on the go?


  1. Very nice Laura. You should start selling that sort of item on your etsy as well. Great idea for gifts for people that are hard to buy for. I love it! Also, if he wants a nice cross stitch for his office I can donate one. LOL- not sure cross stitch is the 'feel' he's going for though!

  2. That art is awesome! I agree, you should try selling that type of art in your Etsy shop. It's great.

  3. I am showing this to my husband, he will love it. Of course it will probably end up in our bedroom!

  4. What a great idea! I've always said you were an artist.

  5. @Nancy

    Thanks for visiting Nancy! Nothing says romance like broken hard drives, lol!

  6. Fabulous, fabulous idea! I adore shadowboxes, too, but have never done anything with that interest. This makes great inspiration!

  7. @Aesthetic Alterations
    thanks! I think shadowboxes make everything look cool!


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