Monday, August 22, 2011

the day i dropped the ball

Yesterday was my parent's anniversary, their 30th anniversary.  Last week, while I knew their anniversary was approaching, my brain didn't place the fact that 'the 21st' meant 'this coming Sunday'.  And, while I knew it was their anniversary, I didn't realize the milestone that is was.  I thought to myself  I'm 27, so this is their no, this was the big 30th.  This was party worthy....and I dropped the ball.

I frantically called my sister after church:
me: did you know it was mum and dad's anniversary today?
her: yes
me: did you know it was their 30th?
her: yeah
me: oh.  Do you have anything planned
her: no
me: well, are you coming over?
her: I guess.

Long story short, my sister is giving them their first grandchild sometime in the next 8 weeks so she was covered on the gift front and left me to fend for myself.
We (my sis & her husband, me and my husbad) arranged to meet at our parent's house to celebrate that afternoon.  Hubby and I got a cake and candles, snacks, yellow roses (that's what mum had in her bouquet), and I found them 2 giant mugs (for all their juicing and blender drinks) with 'pearls' on them as the 30th anniversary is traditionally the pearl anniversary.

this was a Dairy Queen Brownie Torte in Turle, aka delicious.  Vegan mum didn't think twice about it.

The happy couple, caught mid-laugh
Happy Anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your cute parents! Thirty years is quite an accomplishment.

    Good job on the cake and flowers and those mugs are very pretty!

  2. Thank you darling daughter, you are marvelous under pressure.

  3. Awwww...happy anniversary to your parents. Sounds like you saved the special day after all.


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