Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CHANEL & Muppets

Is it bad that I just took 2 plans to fly to a CHANEL update training on all the fall/winter/holiday makeup, fragrance, and skincare launches but now upon discovering that OPI is launching a Muppets movie nail polish collection about 2 minutes ago I'm more excited about that?!  Yeah, I thought so...

Bare with me and I'll get it out of my system:
original article here

This collection is due to be launched in November and coincide with the new Muppet Movie.
Now, for the best thing about OPI polish: the names.
Top row:
Animal-istic; Meep Meep Meep; Wocka Wocka; Pepes Purple Passion; Designers De Better; Warm & Fozzie; 
Bottom row:
Rainbow Connection; Excuse Moi; Gone Gonzo; Fresh Frog of Bel Air; Divine Swine; Gettin Miss Piggy With It. 
I kind of want the whole collection, even though I'm not a big glitter person.  I realize this is silly...but I also realize I have the ability to order the whole collection at wholesale pricing with the displayer...I just may succumb to this temptation.
me this July, very excited about upcoming Muppets movie
Ok, now CHANEL!  Please don't tell Peter Phillips he got preempted on my blog by the Muppets.
CHANEL does update training twice a year so all the counter managers and beauty advisors know all about the new products that are launching.  
Usually I go to Toronto, but this year they added my counter to a different territory and I went to Ottawa instead.  Ottawa, for those of you who don't know, is Canada's capitol city, like Washington in the US.  Our parliment buildings are there, our Prime Minister lives there and, it's beautiful.  
This was my first trip to the city and I hope that next time I go I will have more time.  I didn't get to see anything!  I arrived around 9pm and went straight to my hotel and then the next day I had about an hour before I had to head back to the airport.
leaving on a jet plane!
I never get tired of looking out plan windows.  It's so magical being above the clouds!

Here is a view from the hotel conference room

and another.

Ottawa boasts the beautiful Rideau Canal.  I didn't get any pictures while I was driving along it, but I found these pictures online at

In the winter is freezes and people skate on it!  My next trip for CHANEL will be in January, maybe I'll pack my skates!

The trainer at the CHANEL update was really fabulous.  She was full of information and really lovely.
Check out her killer CHANEL shoes:
Can you see the gold double c logo?

She arranged for us to have a champagne toast for the 1 year anniversary of their newest mens' fragrance Bleu de CHANEL

The fall make-up collection came out this week in Canada, I know it's been out for a while now in the US.  I'm most excited about the launch of the Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks and for the boutiques to get a new Les Exclusifs De CHANEL perfume: Jersey.
Jersey comes packaged and looks exactly like this.  Because it's not out yet I couldn't find a picture.
It's the most beautiful fragrance I've every smelled.  Definitely my favourite CHANEL scent.  It's named for the fabric she used when she began making clothes.  The key notes are Vanilla, Lavender, and White Musk.  The Lavender gives more of a violet scent.  The funny thing is,  my husband usually hates vanilla in a fragrance and he actually liked this on me.  He said he liked it best of any scent he's smelled on me.   That's good enough for me!  
Because it's part of Les Exclusifs it's only available in 3 locations in Canada.  I'm hoping I can get a bottle when it becomes available.
Do you wear fragrance?  What are you favourites?


  1. They are very cute nail polishes. Sometimes I see glitter nails on Pinterest, and I can't drag my eyes away.

    Ironically, I just ran out of Chanel perfume. It's in a silver bottle. I don't know what number. I'm a 'signature perfume'-type person. I'm not sure I can change fragrances. I know being a signature perfume person is a bit old-fasioned, but I can't break the habit.

  2. Unfortunately every time I wear perfume I spend the day with watery eyes and sneezing and with everything from shampoos to lotions to detergents fragranced I think that wearing perfume puts some people in overload mode. You can smell them a mile away and still smell them hours after they have left.

    Anyhoo, my favorite is and will always be Chanel No. 5. Call me old fashioned.

  3. Mmmc: if it's in a silver bottle it's probably 19. There's a new version coming out this fall called 19 Poudre. It has a note of Iris and is a lovely reinterpretation of the classic.

    Charming's Mama: 5 is still the number 1 fragrance for chanel. I like the body lotion and bath oil versions of it. Much softer too!

  4. I'll bear with you on a plane to the capital.

  5. My hubby bought me perfume for Christmas. I get a bottle every five years or so. It usually takes me that long to run out. I can't even remember what kind I have...that's terrible, I know.

    I would totally buy the whole line of polish at a wholesale price. How can you go wrong with that. I love glitter polish. I find it stays on longer than regular polish. I borrow my daughter's from time to time.

    Sounds like a great trip! You seem to have a pretty fun job. Oh, and I'd definitely bring my skates if I were you. ;-)

  6. Oh my gosh! What a scoop--and the notes for Jersey sound magnificent. I'm looking for a new, softer lavender scent, and maybe this is the one? I hold the Exclusif scents in very high regard--I love each and every one (although maybe they don't love me), so I'm sure to fall for this one. My favorite is 18.


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