Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY Techie Artwork

So, in procrastination of the completion of the great chair challenge hubby and I embarked on an  easier tasks to get the creative juices flowing.  Hubby needs some artwork for his new office walls.  A good friend of his gave him a beautiful photograph that was professionally framed.  It looks wonderful, but what about the rest of the space?
I noticed some random computer innards on hubby's desk and asked if they were useless.  He replied that they were so I decided to make them art.  I took 3 old hard drives and my vision was to frame each one in a separate shadowbox and hang them as a group.  Then, I remembered we had a big shadow box at home that wasn't being used so I could group all 3 in 1.

Here is hubby screwing the hard drives into the shadowbox

Don't they look like little platinum records.  Could be a fun gift idea to someone who is a musician... their own platinum record!

like this one!

 Here is our finished project, hung on the office wall!

I think it looks cool.  How perfect for an IT company.  

It was totally free because we already had all the supplies needed (shadow box, 3 hard drives, 8 screws) and it only took about 15 - 20 minutes from start to finish!

Another piece of 'artwork' we found on etsy.  I love trolling that website.  I could browse around on there for hours!  I was looking at vinyl wall decals and we found this:

Hubby is going to put this on the door to his server room.  At $13.00 it's cool and fun and why not!  The seller was so great!  He responded to my questions within minutes and was very helpful.  Check out his shop and browse around.  If you're looking to decorate a kid's room or add something fun to any space there are tones of ideas!  Also, if you ask he can print these with your own photos and he can use material so they can be removed and reused!

Do you have any projects on the go?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yard sales, shopping, and a crafty challenge

Today was my first Saturday off in over 2 months!  I was so excited!
Hubby and I got up bright and early (8:30, that's early for me on a Saturday!) and went to the local Farmer's Market for breakfast.  It was delicious as per usual.  We saw some good friends and met some new ones too!  The family sitting next to us were very pleasant and we discovered that we had lots of mutual acquaintances.

Then we headed to a yard sale.  My first yard sale of the summer to be exact!  One of my regular clients was hosting it and had invited me to drop by.  So glad I did, look at what I found:
This teal Samsonite case rocks my socks.  It's not only my favourite colour, but I can use it to hold some of my craft supplies...or nail my polish...let's just say that it will have a very important use.  It was used to hold a musician's pedals.  The inside lining is in great shape and has places to tuck things in along the edges.

It was brilliantly labeled by my client's boyfriend. 
top: If you ever meet a superhero from the planet Samson, defeat him with this mighty SAMSONITE!!!
bottom: Great for villains! $5 or maybe less if you tell my girlfriend that my jokes are funny.

My other fun find is this little guitar amp:
I bought it to use with my keyboard that has no built in speakers.  It's so little and cute!  I love anything vintage looking.

After the yard sale we had some errands to run and then had lunch with some friends.
Then, more crazy's a highlight of stuff I wanted to bring home with me:
Some Royal Wedding paraphernalia...I was a tad sore about not bringing this home with me, but I did get some stamps to commemorate the event so I suppose I don't need a tin of tea....

Next, there are no words:
Giant fork and knife wall art

hubby agreed to let himself be shown, 
only to provide the proper scale and therefore appreciation of the wall cutlery.

we were thisclose to buying them just because it was so out there, but the fronts of both are really badly damaged with huge scrapes and the surface is totally peeled off in spots.  We brainstormed for a few minutes on how we could effectively fix them, but couldn't come up with anything.  
The fork was $2 and the knife was $3.  I told hubby he should at least buy the fork and spray paint it gold so it could be a trident like in The Little Mermaid....he didn't go for it.

Next, off to Canadian Tire, one of our national hardware store chains.  At this particular location I always see this out front:
I think this is the first time I've seen it open....I've never eaten a hot dog from it...probably never will.

Inside Canadian Tire we found this:
A Seasame St waffle maker that imprints Elmo and the Cookie Monster!!  for 19.99!!  I would make grill cheese sandwiches in it.  They would be fabulous.

Now, I'm going to share the beginnings of a crafty endeavor and I would appreciate any and all advice.
Here's the backstory:
   Hubby would like 3 leather club chairs for his new office.  Hubby would also like to be able to afford 3 leather club chairs for his new office.  For months now we've been checking sales at furniture stores, online selling sites, the paper but to no avail. Nothing in our price range.
Then, last week we were in a grocery store and they had wicker lawn furniture on sale.  They had cute little chairs on for $7.00 that were basically the shape hubby wanted.  I half-jokingly suggested that he just buy them and have them slip covered.  Well, a few days later hubby went and bought the last 3 chairs!

He has decided against slip covering however, because he is set on a leather look.
So, part of our crazy errands today was the purchase of foam padding and vinyl. 

So, my question to you lovely, creative readers is:  How would you turn this:

 into this? :
in the easiest, cheapest way possible of course.

We can do it, I know we can!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CHANEL & Muppets

Is it bad that I just took 2 plans to fly to a CHANEL update training on all the fall/winter/holiday makeup, fragrance, and skincare launches but now upon discovering that OPI is launching a Muppets movie nail polish collection about 2 minutes ago I'm more excited about that?!  Yeah, I thought so...

Bare with me and I'll get it out of my system:
original article here

This collection is due to be launched in November and coincide with the new Muppet Movie.
Now, for the best thing about OPI polish: the names.
Top row:
Animal-istic; Meep Meep Meep; Wocka Wocka; Pepes Purple Passion; Designers De Better; Warm & Fozzie; 
Bottom row:
Rainbow Connection; Excuse Moi; Gone Gonzo; Fresh Frog of Bel Air; Divine Swine; Gettin Miss Piggy With It. 
I kind of want the whole collection, even though I'm not a big glitter person.  I realize this is silly...but I also realize I have the ability to order the whole collection at wholesale pricing with the displayer...I just may succumb to this temptation.
me this July, very excited about upcoming Muppets movie
Ok, now CHANEL!  Please don't tell Peter Phillips he got preempted on my blog by the Muppets.
CHANEL does update training twice a year so all the counter managers and beauty advisors know all about the new products that are launching.  
Usually I go to Toronto, but this year they added my counter to a different territory and I went to Ottawa instead.  Ottawa, for those of you who don't know, is Canada's capitol city, like Washington in the US.  Our parliment buildings are there, our Prime Minister lives there and, it's beautiful.  
This was my first trip to the city and I hope that next time I go I will have more time.  I didn't get to see anything!  I arrived around 9pm and went straight to my hotel and then the next day I had about an hour before I had to head back to the airport.
leaving on a jet plane!
I never get tired of looking out plan windows.  It's so magical being above the clouds!

Here is a view from the hotel conference room

and another.

Ottawa boasts the beautiful Rideau Canal.  I didn't get any pictures while I was driving along it, but I found these pictures online at

In the winter is freezes and people skate on it!  My next trip for CHANEL will be in January, maybe I'll pack my skates!

The trainer at the CHANEL update was really fabulous.  She was full of information and really lovely.
Check out her killer CHANEL shoes:
Can you see the gold double c logo?

She arranged for us to have a champagne toast for the 1 year anniversary of their newest mens' fragrance Bleu de CHANEL

The fall make-up collection came out this week in Canada, I know it's been out for a while now in the US.  I'm most excited about the launch of the Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks and for the boutiques to get a new Les Exclusifs De CHANEL perfume: Jersey.
Jersey comes packaged and looks exactly like this.  Because it's not out yet I couldn't find a picture.
It's the most beautiful fragrance I've every smelled.  Definitely my favourite CHANEL scent.  It's named for the fabric she used when she began making clothes.  The key notes are Vanilla, Lavender, and White Musk.  The Lavender gives more of a violet scent.  The funny thing is,  my husband usually hates vanilla in a fragrance and he actually liked this on me.  He said he liked it best of any scent he's smelled on me.   That's good enough for me!  
Because it's part of Les Exclusifs it's only available in 3 locations in Canada.  I'm hoping I can get a bottle when it becomes available.
Do you wear fragrance?  What are you favourites?

Monday, August 22, 2011

the day i dropped the ball

Yesterday was my parent's anniversary, their 30th anniversary.  Last week, while I knew their anniversary was approaching, my brain didn't place the fact that 'the 21st' meant 'this coming Sunday'.  And, while I knew it was their anniversary, I didn't realize the milestone that is was.  I thought to myself  I'm 27, so this is their no, this was the big 30th.  This was party worthy....and I dropped the ball.

I frantically called my sister after church:
me: did you know it was mum and dad's anniversary today?
her: yes
me: did you know it was their 30th?
her: yeah
me: oh.  Do you have anything planned
her: no
me: well, are you coming over?
her: I guess.

Long story short, my sister is giving them their first grandchild sometime in the next 8 weeks so she was covered on the gift front and left me to fend for myself.
We (my sis & her husband, me and my husbad) arranged to meet at our parent's house to celebrate that afternoon.  Hubby and I got a cake and candles, snacks, yellow roses (that's what mum had in her bouquet), and I found them 2 giant mugs (for all their juicing and blender drinks) with 'pearls' on them as the 30th anniversary is traditionally the pearl anniversary.

this was a Dairy Queen Brownie Torte in Turle, aka delicious.  Vegan mum didn't think twice about it.

The happy couple, caught mid-laugh
Happy Anniversary!

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm still alive

Hello All,
Life has been busy and I have barely been on the computer (aside from work). 

We've had an ongoing car alternator, ordering alternator, driving by charging batteries at night and driving with no wipers or AC, new alternator, defective alternator, no car appointments available....basically my whole July has been borrowing vehicles from family. It seems my car is just as high maintenance as me.  Hopefully by Wednesday all will be well with the world.  Hot tip:  some models of Audi's have very unconventional engines that mean is takes between 3 and 4 hours just to change an alternator - make sure both you and your repair place know this when booking an appointment....otherwise you get phone calls after the car has been dropped off saying that they either don't have the proper equipment needed or don't have time after all, even though you've told them the make and model...

I digress.  Come on Wednesday!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick Tips: Dressing for Events

My last post on this subject, click here, was quite lengthy.  I thought I'd give you my 10 tips for dressing for a formal event followed by an outfit example.
If you have any questions about a specific event you're attending let me know in the comments and I'll do a post about it!

Tip 1: a dress is always more formal that a skirt and top

Tip 2: the longer the hemline the more formal the over all look (in general)

Tip 3: cotton is usually too casual for formal events; look for fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon, silk-wool blend, velvet

Tip 4: make sure your garments fit properly.  Ill fitting clothes can be unflattering and look awkward

Tip 5: monochromatic outfits often look more chic & put together; also very flattering to any figure

Tip 6: A little black dress that fits you well will take you anywhere.  I recommend a summer version and a fall/winter version  (I personally never wear black or white to weddings, but that's just me)

Tip 7: shoes can make or break your outfit; make sure they fit the 'feel' of the rest of the ensemble

Tip 8: be comfortable & confident - don't wear something you're self-conscience in or constantly have to adjust

Tip 9: Don't wear too many matching accessories.  It's better to co-ordinate than be matchy matchy.  Big earrings & a bracelet or small earrings and necklace.  Don't do all 3 pieces of a set.

Tip 10: Keep in mind the time of the event, the location, who is hosting, who will be attending, indoor or outdoor,  the season, & the look of the invite itself.

Check out this post for a more in-depth look at this subject.

I'm attending my co-worker's wedding early this September.  She has 4 bridesmaids standing up with her, so I consider that to be a fairly big wedding.  I know that fuchsia is one of the colours so she's not going for a fall theme.  The ceremony and reception are held in the same place - a fancy banquet hall over-looking a lake and everything starts in the afternoon.  It's a formal wedding but a fun wedding and I know that most of the people attending are not a glitz & glam crowd.

So, I'm going to wear a dress in a silky fabric, but in a shorter length.  It's a print which is a little more fun that a sold.  My jewelry will be simple because I'm going to wear a hat.  I plan to wear strappy high shoes and then change into sandals that accommodate my orthopedic insoles (such is my lot in life).
Dress by Apt.9 at Khols.  It has pockets!

Hat from etsy that I customized, pearl drop earrings, 3 pearl bracelets, CHANEL nail polish in Orange Fizz, coral cardigan by Joe Fresh.  The cotton cardigan is on the casual side, but I'm just bringing it if the weather turns chilly at night.  I could wear a fancier black one that I own, but I just don't like black at weddings.  Tips are tips, you have to go with what you have and what you like...and I think I make up for it with the hat :)

Shoes to start the event by Suzy Shier

Shoes to end the night by Aetrex

A pink clutch by Coach for essentials


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