Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Tips and Tricks

Tomorrow I'm guest posting at The Domestic Fringe on summer fashion.  Once I started working on the post I realized that I had like 8 posts, so I decided to focus and thought I would devote some time on this blog to beauty and fashion as it relates to summer in my part of the world.

I'm starting small.  I'm saving the big post for FringeGirl.  The first suggestion that I have, many of you have heard before and I hope many of you follow it as well.  Mascara.
I know a lot of people go make-up free in the summer and I applaud those people. But, what I consider make-up free is curled lashes that have mascara on them.  A lot of people have those "do not leave the house with out" items:  keys, phone, lipgloss...for me it's mascara.
It's the best way to open your eyes, make your eyes look bigger, look more awake, and look more youthful.

Check out this before and after.

no mascara vs.  Curled lashes and then applying L'Oreal  Voluminous waterproof mascara.
Such a big difference with so little effort.
Totally what I consider a key element of easy summer make-up.

I'm curious: What are your make-up must haves for summer?  Do they change season to season?
What mascara do you currently use?  What's been your favourite?


  1. I never leave the house without mascara and a little under eye concealer. Bought some L'Oreal, but couldn't find any waterproof. I am finding it to be a little clumpy but at least its not flaking off. Have recently tried Cover Girls Lash Blast, I really liked it but it is a little pricey and one tub doesn't last very long.

  2. I mean "tube" it is nothing like a tub!

  3. What big eyes you have little girl!

  4. Charming's Mama: I found the same thing with Cover Girl Last Blast, it didn't seem to have enough product in it. I also tried the yellow one for length and it made my eyes sore and itchy! No more Cover Girl mascara for me.

  5. I always wear a tinted moisturizer in the summer, mascara, Burt Bees Lip Balm, and usually a little highlighter under the eyebrow and at the tear duct. That's my basic 'I can face the world now' face.

  6. FringeGirl: I'm impressed by your highlighting efforts. That's more that I bother to do (unless I'm at work). Is your lipgloss the kind that is minty and makes your lips tingle a bit? I had a burts bees one like that about a year ago that I loved!

  7. Mascara is a must, sometimes a little eyeliner and lipgloss to make it look like i tried :) I love your blog. I just found it today and I'm your newest follower. Great tutorials and I love the deb series ;)

  8. Eve@ Not So Artsy:
    I'm glad you found me, thanks for following. Isn't Deb great ?!


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