Friday, July 15, 2011

Special Delivery

My Moo order came today!

As promised to Deb, here is a look at what I ordered:

mini business cards & stickers!

 the box says "open them. quick!" I needed to be told!

the mini cards come in a cute little box which even has little file folder tabs so that I now have a place to store other people's cards for easy reference.  (Adrienne, now yours has a safe place to live!)

 I chose a selection of my own photographs for the cards.  They also provide lots of pre-designed cards and pretty much an endless supply of different combinations & options.

 Since I'm going to use these cards to promote my fascinators and etsy shop I chose pictures of some of my work.  All the contact info is on the back of the card.

Now, on to stickers!  This was definitely more of an impulse whim than necessity, but I plan to buy plain paper bags & put the a sticker on each for selling my fascinators locally.

 It's a fairly inexpensive way to have personalized bags or even boxes - the flexibility with the stickers is part of what makes them so wonderful

They even threw in some bonus stickers, just for fun.  Moo is nice like that!
If you could use some new business cards, stickers, stationary that are fun and show your personality I would recommend that you check them out!


  1. I just adore Moo cards...every time I give mine to someone, they oh and ah and go on and on about them. I have the minis also....I don't have the stickers, though. I had an idea that I could slap the stickers all over town - but that might fall under the category of vandalism. And the cops would know where to find me :)

    Your cards are beautiful...I love how you have several different cards. I have just my header.

    Happy weekend! xo, A

  2. excellent, I love having things like this x

  3. What fun cards. Does this mean the postal strike is over, eh?

  4. yes, finally the postal strike is over! (which means I have more of hubby's crazy mail to show you)

  5. Wow, I really need to step up on this and check them out. I want some cards, and they seem the perfect place.


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