Thursday, July 28, 2011


I was on facebook today looking for a friend's photography website for another friend.  When I clicked on my photographer friend's 'info' tab I couldn't believe what I saw before my eyes!  Under her 'favourite quotes' section was my favourite poem.
I discovered this poem in late middle school and in university even wrote a paper on it for my English class.  Despite being my favourite piece of peotry I hadn't thought about it for at least a year or had just been relegated to the back of my sub-conscience....until now.

Two Slant Trees 

Lean on me, he said
Loving her weakness
And she leaned hard
Adoring his strength

Like two slant trees
They grew together
Their roots the wrong way
For standing alone.

-Fred Cogswell

Tonight upon seeing it again I instantly felt all the same emotions as I did when I discovered it for the first time.  The power of the written word is truly amazing and the power of poetry indescribable.

I hope it speaks something lovely to you.

Are there words (poetry or otherwise) that move you?

Somewhere in the depths of mum's storage shed is my English paper....I hope I can rediscover it again too.  I'm curious to see this poem through the eyes of my 8-years-ago self.


  1. I love that poem. Was it on Kate's site?

  2. Great poem. It would be really cool if you could find that paper.

  3. That is lovely. I like how only a few words can mean so much.

    I don't have any poems that I can think of to share...or even quotes. How dull of me!


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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