Sunday, July 10, 2011

High Maintenance Relaxer

I think I'm a high maintenance relaxer.

The other night I was tired and achey and even had my first 'tension headache'; it was not nice.  So, I decided to take a bath and relax.  I dug out my scented candles, poured in some epsom salts, and was ready to go.  I could not relax.  I leaned against my bath pillow and begrudged the short length of the tub, the lack of a slanted back.  I thought of the water stained ceiling and chipped paint that I needed to fix.  I saw the cracked caulking around the tub.  I looked over at the laundry pile that needed to get done.  Then I thought of all the water I wasted to have this bath that I'm not even enjoying and of all the places in the world that are suffering for a lack of clean water.  I did not relax.

I realized that I can't physically relax unless I can learn to mentally relax....and am in a hotel with bubble bath and unlimited room service!

As Anne Taintor illustrates:


  1. Look at it this way- At least you have a bathtub!

  2. Sorry about the stress and tension. I'm extremely terrible at relaxing. Baths don't work for me. Sometimes playing games like Solitaire or Mahjong help. It takes my mind off things. Hope you have better days this week or get that hotel room, deep soak tub (with jets), and roomservice. ;-)

  3. Thanks FringeGril, I'm sure I'll survive :) Maybe I just need you to come over and redecorate my bathroom!

  4. A bubblebath sounds amazing right now. That was one reason I got upset at our new house--the second bathroom with the bathtub doesn't really function properly. No baths! So take an extra relaxing soak for me!


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