Friday, July 22, 2011

Deb the Fashionista (Part 2)

The One With All The Outfit Posts

After doing Deb's hair, we tackled her summer clothes.  Half of them still had the tags on!
So, I made her cut off the tags and try everything on to make sure it fit and to see what different outfits we could create.

Here's outfit #1
She's a big fan of peasant skirts as they are lightweight cotton, summery, and cover a multitude of sins.
This one she paired with a blouse, like mother like daughter!

To change things up here is outfit #2
Same blouse but with neutral coloured a-line skirt.  
I like this shorter length and think this outfit looks great.
The skirt didn't quite fit properly at the waist, but pairing it with tops that don't hug the body hide the waist and looks like everything fits fine.

For outfit 3# we kept the skirt and changed out the top.
k, how cute is my mum?!
I think this is a great casual outfit.

Outfit #4
Patience wears thin...
I like the neckline of this top on Deb, I think it's really flattering.  If I had the wherewithal though, I think I'd hem a titch off the bottom and bring it up to the light blue flowery band. 

Mum's summer wardrobe demonstrates a very streamlined approach to dressing; build a wardrobe that matches and coordinates with itself.  That long peasant skirt has lots of shades of blue and gray for easy matching with t-shirts, blouses, cardigans in varying shades of those colours or it can be easily contrasted with yellow or pink on top.  The neutral khaki shorter skirt lets her wear a variety of colours on top (including those worn with the peasant skirt).

The skirt lengths are either long or above the knee which flatter a petite person.  Also flattering for petite figures is dressing monochromatically, ie. dressing in one colour (or shades of one colour), as Deb did in the Outfit #1 & Outfit #3

Another flattering feature in this wardrobe is the v-neck.  This helps to elongate a petite frame because it creates a vertical line (which is also slimming!).  The effect still works in Outfit #3 with a tank layered underneath.

Stay tuned for the next post where Deb & I sort out what we are wearing to upcoming weddings.  I'm attending that of co-worker in early September and Deb is attending a friend's wedding in October.


  1. Gettin' out-and-about Deb!

    I like the first skirt. It looks very comfortable and the last two tops the best. You're right about the v-neck. And cardigans with those outfits would look great too!

    Looking fabulous Deb!

    Deb's garden is looking very attractive as well.

    I wouldn't let my daughter dress me!

  2. I need you to come and rescue my mom's closet. She has a tendency to dress like the genius of the lamp. I should show her these pictures of Deb so she can understand what mothers are supposed to be looking like.
    (you mom is really cute).

  3. Mmmc: Her garden is lovely! I'm so glad she lets me take plants from it! If you ever do let your daughter dress you I want to see the pictures!

    bobbi: your mom sounds fun. I want to see a picture of her in one of her genie outfits!

  4. Did you get enough pics of my ugly fat legs???

  5. Deb, you do not have ugly fat legs. I think you look exceptionally adorable. Very cute outfits. Stylish and easy going at the same time. I love your looks!

    Laura, I'm glad you made your mum cut the tags off her clothes. They look wonderful on her and they were all good purchases. Love the lawn chairs. Those chairs are my favorite kind, and I don't see anything odd about dressing to match your lawn furniture, especially if you're having a cookout. ;-)

  6. See Deb, you're 'exceptionally adorable".

  7. The shorter A-line skirt is indeed fabulous on your mother--and her collection of tops are exquisite! I'm so glad you two are having fun with her wardrobe--and getting those tags off the pieces! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing, Laura. Your mom always leaves sweet comments on my blog. It's been wonderful to get to know her a little more :-)

    Oops! I just realized I'm signed in under my other id! Oh, well.


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