Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deb the Fashionista! (part 1)

The One Where We Talk About Hair

As I mentioned in my last post I had a fun day playing dress-up with my mum Deb (of loyalist cottage).
I asked her to do this series of posts for 2 reasons, the first one being to encourage to her to wear clothes she likes and not feel held back by body image and secondly to encourage others in a similar position.  We all learn by seeing what others do, so I thought I'd use her as an example for dressing if you are a petite or full figured gal.
I had tons of fun (it was like playing with a real live Barbie!) and I think she did too...eventually
   Doesn't she look like she's having fun?  This is hair au natural, just air dried after being washed.

The first thing I did was dig our her flat iron and go over her hair.  
I squirted a dab of serum for heat styling onto my hands and ran it through her hair before using the flat iron.  It's important to use proper styling products so you don't damage your hair.  I pinned most of it up in a clip and just did a small section at  a time, starting with comb and gliding the iron over just behind it.  Ideally you want to flat iron in at least 3 layers, bottom then middle then top, so you don't have to keep going over the same spot to get it really straight.
 Styled hair and a smile make a world of difference on everyone.  Remember that.  As I just read on Lisa's blog, Privilege, in a post entitled 9 Ways Not To Look Like A Slob Even If You Don't Dress For The Office These Days: "Never forget that you have hair. It must be well-handled". 

Mum likes to pull her hair back into a pony tail to keep it out of her face and off her neck, especially on hot summer days.  I think she looks cute with her pony, our father, however, is not a fan.  So, we amped it up a notch.  This is ponytail to 11 (sorry for those of you who never saw Spinal Tap, just ignore)

First, I did a french braid on one side of her head, stopping just past her ear 
and finished with a teeny elastic (dollar store!)

Then I gathered her hair into a low pony and used an elastic that matched her hair.

 This is the view from the front.  I think it's really fresh updo that's not too fussy. 
It looks nice yet casual.

Then, mainly just because she was letting me, I decided to take out the pony, keep the braid, and curl her hair in big waves.
So pretty!

 I used a 2" curling iron all over.  I alternated the direction of the curl each time.  Again, I worked in layers pinning the top 3rd of her hair up and starting on the bottom. I spritzed with hairspray at the end of each complete layer of curls.  
There's a tutorial here that I found through Little Miss Momma's blog and it's forever changed the way I curl my hair.  Seriously, if you're looking for hair curling techniques check this out.

In other hair news, I waxed Deb's eyebrows and lip.  Ladies, we have facial hair and sometimes we gotta deal with it.  If you're blonde and perfect (and probably tall too) I'm not talking to you.  But, if you have dark hair that bothers you grab your tweezers, a bleaching kit, or head to a professional and take care of it.  I would recommend seeing a professional first to give you a guide to taking care of your hair at home.

This brings our hair portion of Deb the Fashionista to a close, but I would like to share a video tutorial I made tonight to answer a question one of FringeGirl's readers asked me about using Spin Pins.

These are super handy of one of my new favourite hair products! 
 I just bought the mini version recently too!
I find them easy to use and I rarely need to add bobby pins.  
Note:  the tighter you twist your hair into a bun the tighter it will stay and look.  If you want more messy don't twist your hair so tight, or try curling your hair first.


  1. Fabulous! So good of Deb to let you use her as a model!

    I love her curly hair, and was quite impressed by the curling iron's job.

    I do what Deb does - tie my hair back. I think you've inspired me to get it styled, and blow dry it once and a while.

    Can't wait for the next instalment!

  2. Why didn't you use the spin pin in my hair? (sobbing)

  3. I sense another hair post in the works! I actually just bought you a hair do-dad today at the Baubles sale. I'll bring it when I collect my pots! ooh, and I found these posts on no-heat curls last night. IT.CHANGED.MY.LIFE.
    will share, post haste!

  4. awww deb, you are so cute. i love your hair flat-ironed, v chic. and how lucky to have your daughter looking after you like this. i have 3 boys and they could care less how i look. i'm jealous!

  5. I LOVE your mum's hair! The little braid with the pony makes it quite stylish. I may try that myself. And, the curls are gorgeous. Very, very lovely. Deb, you look great. I hope your husband took you and your fancy hair out to dinner. ;-)

    BTW: I had no idea what those spin pins were. I've never seen them.

  6. I guess your Mum should update her profile photo now, as she is so gorgeously made over.

    I love that you have a similar sense of humour as your mother.
    Pam x

  7. So glamorous! I used to let my four go to town on me with clips, elastics and pins just to keep them busy and out of my hair.(ironically) Now the youngest two still enjoy doing it but I have to be careful not to forget I have the do when I answer the door.

  8. Hi! I'm visiting from The Loyalist Cottage. I cannot believe the difference in the just-blow-dried photo and the flat ironed look. It looks super!

    I have naturally curly (read 'messy ALL the time') hair. Those spin pins really peaked my interest.

    How sweet of you to do your mom's hair. My girl is in (AB) way across the country (I'm in NS)...seeing this makes me miss her even more!

  9. Welcom & THanks for commenting to all my visitor's from Loyalist Cottage!

  10. Did you notice that Deb is progressively smiling in each of the shots. From slightly glum smirk to positively beaming smile. Great job and great tips! xx

  11. Brismod: I know! She had to relax in front of the camera. Just wait for tomorrow's post ;)


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