Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cows aren't the only things that MOO

Hey All,
I just ordered some business cards and stickers from MOO!

They are a really cool and funky company that make business cards and everything else you can imagine related to promotional stationary.  I used pictures of my fascinators for one side of the card, with my info on the back.  For the stickers I also used pictures and then just the BrokenPoet name.  I love how customizable everything is!

photos from

Check 'em out!  They've given me a special link to share with friends I refer to them:


  1. DEB: I just ordered them! I will show ya when they get here; I used multiple pics of my fascinators

  2. I'm cheking to see if they ship stuff to Italy too.

  3. I ordered my blog cards from MOO several months ago - the mini cards are so darling. Did I send you one of mine? Can't recall.

  4. Adrienne, yes I did get your card! It was the 2nd moo mini card I'd ever seen and I knew I wanted some! The quality of the cardstock is fabulous!


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