Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks Dad

I have a good father.

He loves children, but be warned, he really loves to wind them up & make them really hyper to then send back to their own parents.

dad with his great nephew

 He can usually be found wherever there is food.  
You'll never hear him say "oh don't go to any trouble for me".

Today, in a surprise twist he took the family out to a lovely dinner.  This included mum, me & hubby, my sis & her hubby, and her hubby's parents!

My dad loves to give.  Jewelry in particular. Every possible gift giving occasion I find myself the happy recipient of some beautiful piece he either found locally or scooped out for days on ebay.  I love receiving jewelry because every time I wear it I remember the person who gave it to me.
Every Father's Day I wear at least 1 piece that my dad has given me, today I wore 2 bracelets & a pair of earrings.  I also wore a pearl necklace from my mum.

The most valuable gift my parents have given me is to share their faith and raise me in a Christian home.  
The sermon in church this morning was about how important it is for fathers to show love to their children, and how God is the perfect example of love.  It was really wonderful and I have to say that when I look back at my childhood, even my teen years, I always knew I was loved.  The bible says that a good man will take care of his children, so think how much more so will God, who is perfect love, take care of us.  I have always lived with peace knowing that not only do my parents love and care about me, but God,  who created the whole universe, actually cares about me!  


  1. Oh. (Teary.) That's so lovely. You really love your Dad. I know he's done a great job, because his two daughters are the evidence. xo

  2. Oh, so sweet. I'm teary too. I have to echo MMMC (again).

  3. success! I thought I might get some tears out of this one, lol. Truth be told, I got kinda teary writing it.

  4. Beautiful post! You're blessed to have a wonderful father who loves God and loves you. Happy Father's Day to him.


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